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The smoke is clearing after the initial attack but who will be left standing? What hope do we have against the DECEPTICON war machine and what will it mean to the world when America is brought to its knees? The carnage continues even as the mystery as to the fate of the missing AUTOBOTS deepens… ... [more]
As the world systematically falls before the might of the DECEPTICON army- the AUTOBOTS are left stranded on their home world of CYBERTRON. Crippled and slowly dying- the AUTOBOTS desperately struggle to keep a semblance of order in their ranks- all the while completely unaware they’re being hunted.... [more]
"The AUTOBOTS make a shocking discovery on their home planet of CYBERTRON that could be their greatest hope, or their worst nightmare."... [more]
The crisis on CYBERTRON escalates as the AUTOBOTS are in a race for their lives against the Swarm! Could this be it? It's a pulse-pounding issue as the identity of the traitor is finally revealed and not all of the AUTOBOTS survive the experience.... [more]
"It's the last, desperate stand of the AUTOBOTS on CYBERTRON as they attempt to survive an onslaught of nightmarish proportions. Meanwhile, on Earth, the uprising begins as a Witwicky leads the charge."... [more]
"Trapped on CYBERTRON, the AUTOBOTS make a desperate stand against the Swarm. Will their lastest ally be enough to ? Meanwhile on Earth, MEGATRON attempts to fend off a coup by a fellow DECEPTICON, but a surprise defection could tip the balance."... [more]
"The 12-part story was so popular we had to keep it rolling out for four more special issues! The two stories here set the stage for the next Transformers mega-saga (stay tuned, folks!). This is the ground floor! IRONHIDE and OPTIMUS PRIME deal with the fallout of last issue! Meanwhile, the DECEPTIC... [more]
"Surf's up in this special con edition of the final issue of All Hail Megatron. For the California-based Long Beach Con, artist E.J. Su brought the TRANSFORMERS to the beach in a special recreation of the classic Endless Summer movie poster. Just because you missed the con doesn't mean you have to m... [more]
"FINAL ISSUE! Spike has survived the war, but can he handle RAVAGE? Bumblebee goes it alone to clean up the wreckage, but a new enemy awaits! This one sets the stage for the biggest TRANSFORMERS news since transforming cogs first came off the assembly line! What’s the news? Pick up the issue and fin... [more]
Never miss an issue of Transformers All Hail Megatron
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This limited-edition hardcover of Transformers: All Hail Megatron is signed by Shane McCarthy and Trevor Hutchison and hand-numbered to 350. This collection of the complete series has been packaged and presented in beautiful hand-assembled casing and silver metallic covers.... [more]
Your Price $42.49 You save $7.50 (15%)
Regular Price $49.99
"After at last succeeding in defeating the Autobots, the Decepticons set about ruling our planet with an iron fist. Their forces invade and control New York and, before long, they manage to cripple the United States. It's a war between the U.S. armed forces and a giant species of technologically adv... [more]
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