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"With her life stolen by the mysterious Brand New May and her father in the hands of Fury, the Goblin Queen, a gravely injured Spider-Girl must carve a new life for herself as friends turn against her and old enemies come to her aid--and that’s just the beginning of this double-sized 25th issue spec... [more]
-... [more]
Versus Kraven the Hunter; Green Goblin I (Norman Osborn) appearance; Kraven the Hunter appearance. Storyline: The Thrill of The Hunt!... [more]
"1st Appearance of Norman Osborn; Versus Professor Mendel Stromm; Patch appearance. Storyline: Once Upon A Time, There Was A Robot…!"... [more]
1st Appearance of Randy Robertson; Versus Mysterio. Storyline: To Squash a Spider!... [more]
Versus Kingpin. Storyline: Deadline!... [more]
Storyline: Blues For Lonesome Pinky!... [more]
Versus Hobgoblin; 3rd Appearance of Hobgoblin (cameo). Storyline: Ordeals!... [more]
1st Appearance of The Rose. Storyline: By Myself Betrayed!... [more]
Versus Jack O’Lantern. Storyline: With Great Power…... [more]
Versus Red Ghost. Storyline: Even A Ghost Can Fear The Night!... [more]
Origin of Mary Jane Watson; Hobgoblin appearance; Spider-Man back to old costume. Storyline: All My Pasts Remembered... [more]
Versus Hobgoblin. Storyline: The Challenge Of Hobgoblin!... [more]
Versus Hobgoblin. Storyline: The Sins Of My Father!... [more]
Photo cover; Spider-man unmasked. Storyline: Trade Secret... [more]
1st Appearance of Spider-Kid. Storyline: The Spectacular Spider-Kid!... [more]
Storyline: Red 9 And Red Tape!... [more]
Storyline: The Commuter Cometh!... [more]
"Versus Firelord. Storyline: Burn, Spider, Burn!"... [more]
1st Appearance of Kate Cushing (Peter Parker’s supervisor at the Bugle); Versus Firelord; Avengers appearance. Storyline: The Hero And The Holocaust!... [more]
Versus Manslaughter. Storyline: Whatever Happened To Crusher Hogan?... [more]
Versus Slyde. Storyline: Make Way For Slyde!... [more]
Secret Wars II; Puma appearance. Storyline: To Challenge To Beyonder!... [more]
"Versus Beyonder; Zarathos (the spirit of vengeance) appearance; Secret Wars II. Storyline: Lo, There Shall Come A Champion!"... [more]
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