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Storyline: When Johnny Comes Marching Home... [more]
Storyline: Extreme Prejudice... [more]
Storyline: Ghosts in the Machine... [more]
Continues in Swamp Thing #76. Storyline: Shot to Hell... [more]
Storyline: The Devil You Know... [more]
"Storyline: The Fear Machine, Part 1; Touching the Earth"... [more]
"Storyline: The Fear Machine, Part 2; Shepherd’s Warning"... [more]
"Storyline: The Fear Machine, Part 3; Rough Justice"... [more]
"Storyline: The Fear Machine, Part 4; Fellow Travellers"... [more]
"Storyline: The Fear Machine, Part 5; Hate Mail & Love Letters"... [more]
"Storyline: The Fear Machine, Part 6; The Broken Man"... [more]
"Storyline: The Fear Machine, Part 7; Betrayal"... [more]
"Storyline: The Fear Machine, Part 8; The God of All Gods"... [more]
"Storyline: The Fear Machine, Part 9; Balance"... [more]
Storyline: Early Warning... [more]
Storyline: How I Learned to Love The Bomb... [more]
Death of Thomas Constantine. Storyline: Thicker than Water... [more]
Storyline: New Tricks... [more]
Storyline: Sundays are Different... [more]
Storyline: The Bogeyman... [more]
... [more]
Storyline: Man’s Work... [more]
Storyline: Boy’s Games... [more]
"Storyline: Dangerous Habits, Part 5"... [more]
Storyline: The Pub Where I Was Born... [more]
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