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[s]2000-9. Storyline: All I Want for Christmas... [more]
[s]2000-13; Y2K Pt 5. Storyline: Sacrifice for Tomorrow... [more]
[s]2000-17. Storyline: Quiet After the Storm... [more]
"[s]2000-29. Storyline: Critical Condition, Part 4; Deathís Door"... [more]
"[s]2000-50; Encantadora appearance; Talia appearance. Storyline: Kith & Kin, Part 1"... [more]
"[s]2001-5. Storyline: Kith & Kin, Part 2"... [more]
[s]2001-17; Farewell to Krypton. Storyline: Escape from Krypton... [more]
[s]2001-21. Storyline: Kancer... [more]
[s]2001-33; Prelude to War!. Storyline: Our Worlds At War: The End of The Beginning... [more]
[s]2001-37; Death of Sam Lane; Death of Hippolyta; All-Out War!. Storyline: Our Worlds at War: Thousand Yard Stare... [more]
[s]2001-41; Casualties of War!. Storyline: Our Worlds at War/The End: Trial By Fire... [more]
[s]2001-45; Major Disaster Appearance. Storyline: The Gift... [more]
Storyline: Invaders From Space... [more]
Storyline: Walking Midnight... [more]
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Danny Kimanyen and his Brooklyn-Queens alter ego Kano, mix it up with that unique style of his, from toys to grafitti, to art gallery. Street meets designer head on, designer wins.... [more]
These spectacular stories from ACTION COMICS #768, 771, 772 and 773 guest-star the Marvel Family and Nightwing, and include an epic controntation between The Man of Steel and Ra's Al Ghul!... [more]
"Biochemist Ted Sallis and his team are on a mission: To recreate the serum that spawned the world's first super-soldier. But like the swamp itself, there are dangers lurking beneath the surface...Ted's partner Eric, his girlfriend Ellen, the government, terrorists...everyone wants what Ted has, but... [more]
"Death has come to Citrusville, in the guise of four deranged army vets filled with bloodlust, with nothing to lose. When their paths cross with swamp-witch Jessica Cale, expect death and dismemberment...but whose? And how do Jessica's little brother Andy and his imaginary, red-eyed, green-skinned f... [more]
"As tales of the Citrusville bog-monster continue to spread, two college-aged documentary filmmakers arrive in the swamps, accompanied by their nubile girlfriends, determined to sort fact from fiction. But, unfortunately for them, the two filmmakers are unaware that the Man-Thing isn't the ONLY mons... [more]
"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Once, scientist Ted Sallis and Ellen Brandt were lovers. Now, they have both been transformed: Ted into the monstrous Man-Thing; Ellen into a disfigured mockery of her former self, her face seared in an act of vengeance. Now she's returned ... [more]
Ed Brubaker & Greg Rucka reunite to tell a tale so big it brings all the detectives of Central together. A body turns up in Gotham belonging to...Robin? That means one thing: Batmanís going to get involved!... [more]
A body turns up in Gotham belonging to...Robin? That means one thing: Batmanís going to get involved!... [more]
Dead Robin, Part 2... [more]
Dead Robin, Part 3... [more]
The cops have a dead kid in a Robin outfit, and the evidence is pointing inescapably toward Batman. But how can they catch the Dark Knight? Plus, the leak within the GCPD is revealed!... [more]
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