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Lex Luthor is up to his old tricks again. Wearing his battle suit, the super-villain sets out to steal a special chip from S.T.A.R Labs, called the Mega Module with the help of a few friends. Superman shows up just in time to stop Lex's pals, but Lex manages to insert the Mega Module into his suit b... [more]
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The super-villain known as Brainiac loves nothing more than adding new data about civilizations to his memory banks - and then destroying those civilizations so the data is more valuable. He has long coveted Metropolis and sought to steal it for himself, but the Man of Steel has always been able to ... [more]
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The Penguin is on the loose - at sea! He's hijacking high-class yachts with his penguin-shaped submarine. To stop him, the Dark Knight will need to sink to this super-villain's evil depths, or become victim to the feathered felons foul play.... [more]
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Thousands of aliens have targeted Earth. The Man of Steel battles them in back into orbit, and opens the armor of one of the soldiers. Inside is Doomsday! Superman breaks open more armor. All the soldiers are Doomsday clones, thousands and thousands of clones! One Doomsday is bad enough, but now Sup... [more]
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Darkseid has always been one of SUPERMAN'S strongest foes, so when the MAN OF STEEL discovers that the Dark Lord and his demonic minions have located the Infinity Particle, SUPERMAN realizes he's in deep trouble.... [more]
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While flying the Invisible Jet, Wonder Woman spots a message in the clouds, demanding that she head to the ancient monument of Stonehenge. When she arrives, the Amazon Princess finds dozens of tourists held hostage by Morgaine Le Fey. The evil sorceress threatens to harm them all, if Wonder Woman do... [more]
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