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Universe Classics: Series 15: OMAC (Classic) features multiple points of articulation, and is accompanied by one of the pieces required to assemble the Build-A-Figure Validus. The Mohawk-adorned OMAC is clad in his blue, orange, and yellow costume, complete with chest-borne Brother Eye insignia. By ... [more]
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Witness the debut of O.M.A.C. in this paperback collecting all eight issues of the legendary 1970s series! Meet corporate nobody Buddy Blank, who is changed by a satellite called Brother Eye into the superpowered O.M.A.C. (One Man Army Corps). Enlisted by the Global Peace Agency, O.M.A.C. battles th... [more]
Kate Spencer and Cameron Chase are on the run from Brother Eye! Can Project Manhunter’s secrets be unraveled before it’s too late?... [more]
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OMAC returns in the DC COMICS - THE NEW 52 epic from the team of DAN DIDIO and KEITH GIFFEN! • Kevin Kho must learn the ground rules of his relationship with BROTHER EYE! • Don't miss OMAC's battles with Checkmate and their lethal Bio-gators!... [more]
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Every hero and villain in the DCU is under the gaze of an unbelievably powerful spy satellite. It's a technological marvel that answers to only one person — and he's got plans for it that are completely unknown to the superspy organization he controls: Checkmate! In a world where men can fly and mel... [more]
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When the JLA discovers the existence of the powerful, hero-monitoring Brother Eye satellite, battle lines are drawn between Batman and Superman! And Checkmate operative Sasha Bordeaux struggles with a secret act of treason — just as her agency commands the OMAC Project to kill!... [more]
Once, she was the woman who broke Bruce Wayne’s heart. Now, Checkmate agent Sasha Bordeaux might just break Batman’s will by revealing the mind-blowing power behind the OMAC Project — unless an OMAC agent gets to Sasha and the Dark Knight first!... [more]
The events of “Sacrifice,” rocking July’s WONDER WOMAN #219 and all three SUPERMAN titles, force an endgame in THE OMAC PROJECT! Checkmate turns against itself as titans clash in the heavens — and Brother Eye breaks free!... [more]
Checkmate rallies against the terrifying power of Brother Eye as the satellite begins to execute an apocalyptic final protocol! Can they succeed where the JLA failed?... [more]
The white-hot miniseries spinning out of COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS concludes! To preserve the OMAC Project, Brother Eye plays the ultimate trump card!... [more]
The end is just the beginning in this epic spy thriller by the team behind the red-hot OMAC PROJECT miniseries! From the pages of INFINITE CRISIS, the legacy of Brother Eye rains down on earth, threatening exposure of a hero’s greatest secret and the dawning of a world war!... [more]
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