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"Robert Englund stars in this origin tale of the 2001 Maniacs, written by director Tim Sullivan! Just in time for the second film in this horror franchise, and written by the director and writer of the 2001 Maniacs movies, this Special fits perectly into the continuity of both films. Tim Sullivan te... [more]
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Regular Price $3.99
Jack Bauer lives again! Before the Emmy Award-winning drama returns to your television with LIVE ANOTHER DAY, find out what the heroic agent has been up to in the several years following the events of the final season. Re-starting the clock on the high-octane saga are writing sensation Ed Bri... [more]
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Now that you've seen Jack Bauer's return to television in LIVE ANOTHER DAY, read the story that sent the heroic agent spiraling into his darkest days as an international fugitive. Ed Brisson and Michael Gaydos wind the clock on the latest chapter of the high-octane saga!

For subscription cu... [more]

Never miss an issue of 24
"A standalone prequel to this summer's most anticipated movie! The consummate lady's man, Templeton ""Faceman"" Peck is more than a pretty face and slick personality. Under all the good looks, Face is a fierce and capable warrior - an Army Ranger who can defeat his enemies with his smooth-talk just ... [more]
"A standalone prequel to this summer's most anticipated movie! Colonel John ""Hannibal"" Smith is never stuck for a plan. But how is he going to cope with a mission in which everything goes wrong and he might just wind up on the wrong side of Saddam Hussein in this Desert Storm flashback adventure w... [more]
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"After learning about the Last Son of Krypton, a troubled alien travels from a distant galaxy to meet Supermanů and to confess the horrible secret that he was Krypton's Green Lantern."... [more]
1st Appearance of Alf. Storyline: At Your Disposal; Snow Skin off My Nose; Play Misty for Me... [more]
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"Earthly Possessions, Part 2"... [more]
"Earthly Possessions, Part 3"... [more]
Beneath the Surface... [more]
Beneath the Surface... [more]
"Vermin, Part 1"... [more]
"Vermin, Part 2"... [more]
Little Girl Lost... [more]
"Past Lives, Part 1"... [more]
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