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[s]1997-42; 1st Appearance of Inkling. Storyline: Straight on ítill Morning... [more]
[s]1997-46; Versus Locksmith; Lois captured by Naga; Sam Lane appearance. Storyline: Party Trappings... [more]
"Face cover; [s]1997-50; Versus Ripper. Storyline: A Bag, a Bone, & a Hank of Hair"... [more]
[s]1998-18; Millennium Giants. Storyline: Crossroads... [more]
"[s]1998-23; Versus Prankster; Toyman. Storyline: Polyester Year, Part 1; Ready, Fire, Aim"... [more]
"[s]1998-27; Versus Prankster; Toyman. Storyline: Polyester Year, Part 2; Love, Supervillain Style"... [more]
[s]1998-31; Dominus appearance. Storyline: Eye of the Storm... [more]
[s]1998-35; Versus Dominus; Waverider appearance. Storyline: Chasing the Ancient of Days... [more]
[s]1999-1; 1st Appearance of Crazytop; Giant-size. Storyline: Confidence Job... [more]
[s]1999-6; DEO agents appearance; Geo-Force appearance; Lex Luthor appearance. Storyline: Sixes and Sevens... [more]
[s]1999-11; Superman of America; Supermen of America appearance. Storyline: Superman: Have You Forsaken Metropolis?... [more]
[s]1999-20; Versus Dominus. Storyline: The Aimless Blade of Science... [more]
[s]1999-25. Storyline: Necropolis... [more]
[s]1999-38; Versus Intergang... [more]
[s]1995-7; Thorn appearance... [more]
[s]1995-11; Thorn appearance... [more]
[s]1995-15; Return of Metropolis... [more]
[s]1995-23... [more]
[s]1995-27... [more]
[s]1995-32; Bloodsport vs. Bloodsport... [more]
[s]1995-36; Alpha-Centurion returns... [more]
[s]1995-40... [more]
[s]1995-49; Trial of Superman/Underworld Unleashed; SCU vs. Hellgrammite... [more]
[s]1996-4; Cyborg Superman sentenced to a black hole... [more]
[s]1996-8; Return of Lori Lemaris... [more]
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