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The Man of Steel-to-be becomes embroiled in a political conflict in South Africa and must decide the best way to settle things.... [more]
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Witness Clark Kent's job interview at the Daily Planet! And while he's there, Metropolis comes under attack! It just might be the first job for...Superman! Plus, Clark, Jimmy Olsen, and Lois Lane meet for the first time!... [more]
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Itís Superman vs. the anti-terrorism weapons of Metropolis! Is this strange visitor a bigger danger to the city than Superman himself?... [more]
Lex Luthor's first meeting with Clark Kent! What's the connection between the two that has roots in Smallville? Does the master of Metropolis know more about this new hero Superman than anyone else? And what will happen when he decides to make that information public knowledge? Ace reporter Lois... [more]
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The startling truth behind Lex Luthor and his time in Smallville is revealed! Witness young Lex Luthor and find out why his youth has been kept a secret until now.... [more]
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Faced with the knowledge of what Lex Luthor has planned for Metropolis, Clark Kent is ready to throw in the towel and head back to Smallville. But is there a greater threat from Krypton that only Superman can prevent?... [more]
Krypton invades Earth! Whose side is Superman on?... [more]
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Featuring the entire modern-day retelling of Superman. Plus, an introduction by Smallville television producers Al Gough & Miles Millar and a sketchbook section!... [more]
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