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Warren Ellis returns with a universe-spanning science-fiction tale! The 6-issue miniseries OCEAN is a fast-paced science-fiction story with brains, attitude and style told by fan-favorite writer Warren Ellis (ORBITER, TRANSMETROPOLITAN) with stunning art by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story (TOM STRONG) an... [more]
U.N. weapons inspector Nathan Kane investigates the situation at a research satellite orbiting the Jovian moon of Europa. What can be done about the mysterious discovery within the moon’s ancient, hidden ocean?... [more]
Doors, a multiplanetary corporation manned by modern-day indentured servants, is in orbit around Europa — and they’ll do anything to gain alien weapons technology first, no matter how many lives it costs!... [more]
U.N. Weapons Inspector Nathan Kane learns more about the ancient race neatly entombed beneath the frozen waves of Europa, and he likes what he sees less and less! What does this brutal race of near-humans have in store for humanity?... [more]
... [more]
... [more]
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Every hero and villain in the DCU is under the gaze of an unbelievably powerful spy satellite. It's a technological marvel that answers to only one person — and he's got plans for it that are completely unknown to the superspy organization he controls: Checkmate! In a world where men can fly and mel... [more]
... [more]
... [more]
When the JLA discovers the existence of the powerful, hero-monitoring Brother Eye satellite, battle lines are drawn between Batman and Superman! And Checkmate operative Sasha Bordeaux struggles with a secret act of treason — just as her agency commands the OMAC Project to kill!... [more]
Once, she was the woman who broke Bruce Wayne’s heart. Now, Checkmate agent Sasha Bordeaux might just break Batman’s will by revealing the mind-blowing power behind the OMAC Project — unless an OMAC agent gets to Sasha and the Dark Knight first!... [more]
The events of “Sacrifice,” rocking July’s WONDER WOMAN #219 and all three SUPERMAN titles, force an endgame in THE OMAC PROJECT! Checkmate turns against itself as titans clash in the heavens — and Brother Eye breaks free!... [more]
Checkmate rallies against the terrifying power of Brother Eye as the satellite begins to execute an apocalyptic final protocol! Can they succeed where the JLA failed?... [more]
The white-hot miniseries spinning out of COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS concludes! To preserve the OMAC Project, Brother Eye plays the ultimate trump card!... [more]
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