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I am Marzi, born in 1979, ten years before the end of communism in Poland. My father works at a factory, my mother at a dairy. Social problems are at their height. Empty stores are our daily bread. I'm scared of spiders, and the world of adults doesn't seem like a walk in the park.' Told from a you... [more]
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"In the huge inner-city housing projects that dot this nation's urban landscape, it's what people pray for. To be free of the fear, cleansed of the hopelessness, absolved of the anger that haunts their every waking moment. But within the overcrowded, deteriorating hallways of the Abraham Lincoln Hou... [more]
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David Boswell's classic counterculture icon is collected here in an oversized hardcover format. This volume collects the first Reid Fleming comic and the mini-series, Rogues to Riches, as well as Heartbreak Comics. Bullet points: ' A classic series that has gained cult status since its initial publ... [more]
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"Alex Barnaby and Sam Hooker are back together and fighting crime the only way they know howóby leaving a trail of chaos, panic, and disorder. Alex, an auto mechanic and spotter for racecar driver Sam Hooker, is drawn to trouble like a giant palmetto bug to a day-old taco. Unfortunately, she's also ... [more]
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