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Marinette is a typical Paris teenager with a school crush, dreams of fashion design, and a big problem with being totally awkward! She also happens to be the magical crime-fighting superhero, Ladybug! When a villain arrives using mind powers to turn people bad, Ladybug teams up with fellow hero Cat ... [more]
Aspen Matthews and pals return in this terrifyingly awesome mystery adventure! Fathom's Ernie the Seahorse has gone missing in the neighborhood, and it's up to the Aspen Universe's finest heroes to band together and rescue him - along with readers everywhere! Aspen Comics' is excited to once again o... [more]
IT'S A MAAAAADHOUSE! Archie is proud to present an assortment of shenanigans from Archie's Madhouse - a series of wild and wacky tales that are sure to leave you laughing and going crazy for more!"">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Midtown Comics is proud to offer all of the new HCF titles, and eve... [more]
A special Halloween edition of the surprise hit series from AfterShock Comics,printed in glorious Black-&-White - the only time you will see it printed this way! When night falls on a sleepy midwestern town, an ancient unimaginable horror creeps violently and purposely through the night. That's when... [more]
"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Midtown Comics is proud to offer all of the new HCF titles, and everyone is welcome to one copy of each, while supplies last. HCF books are not bagged and boarded, condition is not guaranteed, and replacements will not be available. All titles will begin shipping ou... [more]
Johnny Boo and his friends celebrate Halloween by doing skateboard tricks in the pumpkin patch. But did you know that giant tigers love Halloween just as much as little ghosts do? It's because they're orange, like pumpkins. Watch out for tigers, Johnny Boo!"">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Midtow... [more]
Grunhilda the Witch has a weakness... a tiny soft spot on her black and crusty heart that she hides; nice feelings she has when she gets a letter from former Salem Elementary student, Madison. But she can't keep up the ruse for long because her familiars are onto her... and so are her ancestors! Whe... [more]
Imagine if you will, a satirical retelling of Dante Aligheri's Inferno starring Mickey Mouse. This is the very first of the world-famouse, err, famous ""Great Parodies"" featuring classic Disney stars in outrageous spoofs of the world's greatest stories!"">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Midtown C... [more]
Enter the world of Creature Cove and meet Gaws, a mischievous little mummy who can't decide what to be for Halloween. This mini-comic from writer/artist Joe Mulvey is perfect for comic book, horror, and pop-culture fans of all ages. If you're looking for your own little monster's new favorite book..... [more]
Meet Peach. How did she get her name? What's her secret? What have the monsters taken from her village? Seeking independence, and to prove she's a warrior, Peach begins her quest to save her village from the monsters from Monster Isle... and meets some interesting people along the way! Action! Adven... [more]
The Pokémon of the Kalos region have all gathered in this hilarious collection starring Fennekin, Froakie, Chespin, the rest of the new X&Y Pokémon, Mega Evolved Pokémon, and more! Quiz yourself and your friends on Pokémon vital statistics, Abilities, moves, types, Mega Evolution and more! Who will ... [more]
A horrifying new one-shot from the creative team - and taking place in the universe of - And Then Emily Was Gone! Dr. Karla Quite is a revered psychologist who uses her unique psychic gifts to treat patients afflicted with recurring nightmares. But when tasked with helping troubled young Adam Whitlo... [more]
A mysterious model airplane arrives at Kitaro's house and he can't resist taking it for a spin, but when it strands him on a desert island, he begins to suspect that someone intentionally trapped him there. Suspecting foul play, Nezumi Otoko investigates a similar crash-landing in the forest, only t... [more]
Survival is tough after the apocalypse, even when you're undead! Fortunately, the kids of Zombie Camp get to learn all the best shambling, brain-eating, and death-moaning techniques. Join Johnny, Stump, Violet, Gutsy, and the rest of the gang for the summer of their un-lives!"">"Welcome to Halloween... [more]
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