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Billionaire industrialist, cold warrior, weapons designer, alcoholic, philanthropist, Avenger - Tony Stark, the alter-ego of Marvel Comics' Iron Man, has played many roles in his five decades as a superhero. From his 1963 comics debut in Tales of Suspense to the recent film adaptations, hundreds of ... [more]
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Regular Price $24.95
Tony Stark has been battling bad guys and protecting innocent civilians since he first donned his mechanized armor in the 1963 debut of Iron Man in Marvel Comics. A half century later, the man who showed us all what it would take to become Batman probes whether science and humankind is up to the tas... [more]
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... [more]
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"Tony Stark worked hard to develop his indestructible Iron Man suit, and it's perfect for stopping bad guys. But now Tony has a problem: everyone wants his suit--even his best friend, Rhodey!

Rhodey says the suit will help defend the country, but Tony's not so sure. What will Iron Man do when even... [more]

Your Price $2.39 You save $1.60 (40%)
Regular Price $3.99
"Come join Iron Man, and meet his best friends, Rhodey and Pepper, and potential allies Black Widow and Nick Fury. There are lots of new foes, too. Whiplash and Justin Hammer keep our hero on his toes!

This book features vocabulary and exciting illustrations to aid comprehension. Young fans will l... [more]

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Regular Price $5.99
"Tony Stark's secret is out--now the whole world knows that the billionaire is the armored Super Hero called Iron Man. It's a relief not to have to hide the truth anymore, but living up to the responsibility is tough! The government, the press, and the public all want him to share his technology wit... [more]
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Regular Price $6.99
POP 3D Bookmarks... [more]
Your Price $5.39 You save $3.60 (40%)
Regular Price $8.99
A 48 page origin storybook with all-new, updated art to coincide with the release of Marvel Studios' Iron Man 3, coming in 2013! Inventions are only as good as the men who make them. Billionaire inventor Tony Stark had always put himself first - until one fateful day when his inventions were used fo... [more]
Your Price $5.99 You save $4.00 (40%)
Regular Price $9.99
"This big book based on Marvel's Iron Man: Armored Adventures television show features 20 exciting poster-sized images to color, plus more than 100 stickers! And the die-cut handle means that boys ages 3-7 can take Iron Man with them wherever they go!"... [more]
Your Price $14.99 You save $10.00 (40%)
Regular Price $24.99
Iron Man was forged out of advanced technology, but now that same future tech threatens to doom Tony Stark. A dangerous terrorist has ingested a techno-organic virus called Extremis, transforming him into a superhuman killing machine. Now immensely powerful, but driven mad by the virus' effects, the... [more]
Your Price $16.22 You save $8.73 (35%)
Regular Price $24.95
Whether it's juggling girlfriends, battling super-villains, or running a billion-dollar business, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is always close to the action. In The World According to Iron Man, Stark reveals the secrets of his Super Hero multitasking with insider tips on running Stark Industries, a ste... [more]
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