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Storyline: The Longest Hundred Yards... [more]
Versus Doctor Octopus; Hammerhead regains physical form. Storyline: Hammerhead Is Out!... [more]
1st Appearance of Will o’ the Wisp. Storyline: Stalked by the Spider-Slayer!... [more]
1st Appearance of White Dragon II. Storyline: White Dragon! Red Death!... [more]
Man-Wolf appearance. Storyline: In Search of the Man-Wolf... [more]
Punisher appearance. Storyline: Man-Hunt!... [more]
Storyline: By My Powers Shall I Be Vanquished!... [more]
Storyline: Here’s Mud In Your Eye!... [more]
Storyline: Peter Parker -Criminal!... [more]
Storyline: Where The @ó%# Is Nose Norton?... [more]
Versus Mad Thinker. Storyline: Confrontations!... [more]
Storyline: Options!... [more]
Versus Hobgoblin. Storyline: The Sins Of My Father!... [more]
Photo cover; Spider-man unmasked. Storyline: Trade Secret... [more]
"Versus Beyonder; Zarathos (the spirit of vengeance) appearance; Secret Wars II. Storyline: Lo, There Shall Come A Champion!"... [more]
Versus Mysterio; Inferno. Storyline: Mysteries of the Dead... [more]
Storyline: Down And Out In Forest Hills... [more]
Venom appearance. Storyline: Sting Your Partner!... [more]
Storyline: The Scorpions Tale Of Woe!... [more]
"Versus Paladin; Silver Sable appearance. Storyline: Assassin Nation Plot, Part 1; License Invoked"... [more]
Versus Red Skull; Captain America appearance. Storyline: Finale In Red... [more]
Hulk; Acts of Vengeance; Last McFarlane Issue. Storyline: Acts of Vengeance; Shaw’s Gambit... [more]
Versus Tri-Sentinel; Nova appearance. Storyline: The Three Faces Of Evil... [more]
"Moon Knight appearance; Punisher appearance. Storyline: Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge, Part 6; Out On A Limb"... [more]
Storyline: Toy Death!... [more]
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