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You'd think that Manji, the immortal swordsman, would have dispatched just about every sinister personality in feudal Japan on his mission to slay a thousand evil men. But instead of thinning out the vicious herd, he's only shaken loose the most vicious and depraved. Now, Manji and his pal Magatsu a... [more]
Never miss an issue of Blade Of The Immortal
Lady Death and Wolf are lost in the borderlands-and at the mercy of cannibalistic flesh merchants! Meanwhile, the newly crowned Thorm prepares the Eldritch for war on the human kingdoms!... [more]
... [more]
Never miss an issue of Casefiles Sam & Twitch
... [more]
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The miniseries concludes! Golgoth almost single-handedly conquers his enemies and wins the planet Earth on his own but at a fantastic price...a loss that no man should endure!... [more]
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Never miss an issue of GI Joe Vol 3
... [more]
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Meet the U.S. Department of Giant Robot Warriors an under-funded, over-burdened team that has to jump into action when a tiny Middle Eastern country suddenly achieves Giant Robot technology.... [more]
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Raven Tansania Ransom is a promising pilot-in-training of personal armor known as Hardskin, at exclusive girl's school academie Juliet. Carmen Cameron, another pilot-in-training, reveals to the school Raven's shady background, making her the butt of gossip and cruel pranks. Raven challenges Carmen t... [more]
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The Savage Dragon's final days as a member of the Chicago Police force. Beaten down by the man, the Dragon must take extreme measures to stay alive.... [more]
... [more]
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Join Shrek, Donkey, and the gang as they embark on several hilarious madcap adventures including a chase to rescue Fiona from Farquaad's henchman Thelonius on the evening of her honeymoon and an encounter with a gingerbread house gone rancid and its witchy owner!... [more]
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Spider-Man goes to Japan to rescue a captured Wolverine, and it's up to the duo to solve a mystery in the Land of the Rising Sun. Plus: Spider-Man and DAREDEVIL try to save the lives of two kidnapped children, in their own unique styles!... [more]
Chun Li and Guile discovered that Charlie, the man they had both presumed dead, is miraculously alive. But that is not all they discovered. Charlie, after being in the clutches of M. Bison for weeks, has reemerged a different man...a man willing to do anything to achieve Bison's goals. What will hap... [more]
Never miss an issue of Street Fighter (UDON)
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