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"In this lost issue of the 10th Muse by X-Men artist Roger Cruz, discover the story that inspired the Insane Jane comic series. A crazy new hero is on the loose and it is up to the 10th Muse to figure out the connection she has with her before someone gets hurt!"... [more]
"In this lost issue of The 10th Muse (illustrated by X-Men artist Roger Cruz), an Army Veteran teeters on the brink of life and death. His family must face the hard choice on whether to take him off the machines that are keeping him alive, or to hold out and hope for a miracle. The 10th Muse is brou... [more]
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Regular Price $14.99
"They have become a phenomenon. The Alex Rider adventures are now bestsellers the world over, and the book that started it all, STORMBREAKER, is soon to be a major motion picture! Now is your chance to see this book visualized in brand-new format, with a bold, edgy, manga-like illustration that brin... [more]
"Death. Destruction. Destiny. None of these can compare with the betrayal Team Angel is about to face, the old enemy that's about to re-surface, and the epic showdown Angel and Connor are going to have to tackle together. And someone other than the readers finally wonders, just what the hell is real... [more]
"Death. Destruction. Destiny. None of these can compare with the betrayal Team Angel is about to face, the old enemy that's about to re-surface, and the epic showdown Angel and Connor are going to have to tackle together. And someone other than the readers finally wonders, just what the hell is real... [more]
Never miss an issue of Angel Vol 3
"The Event FIVE Years in the Making! Thirteen mystical Artifacts will guide the fate of the world. Thirteen Artifacts will destroy the world. A mysterious being has taken Hope, the daughter of Sara Pezzini, the Witchblade bearer, and Jackie Estacado, the Darkness bearer; but his intent remains in sh... [more]
"Basic Truth: It's very hard to protect the earth when you've been turned into a frog. The Pet Avengers Return! Good thing, too, cuz dragons have decided that it's time to take over the world and oppress the silly humans once and for all!!! And since Captain America, Iron Man & Thor are all green an... [more]
"Black Adam has become the most powerful he's ever been. It'll take everything Captain Marvel has if he wants to defeat him. Will the combined might of the Wizard, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior and Captain Marvel be enough to overcome Black Adam's power? Find out in the action-packed series con... [more]
"Your name is Nick Crane. You're a young journalist whose senator father was seduced and murdered by a sexy Soviet agent who calls herself ""Black Widow."" Now she's abducted you and handcuffed you to a bed in a swank hotel penthouse. Now she's leaning over your prone body, whispering softly in your... [more]
Never miss an issue of Black Widow Vol 4
"When Ra's al Ghul first heard that Bruce Wayne had died, he refused to believe it. Now The Demon's Head is proven right as his longtime arch enemy returns and the villain's master plan can continue in earnest…"... [more]
"Voids Contractor, Steve Norman, finds himself the victim of a terrible scientific experiment. In ""Evolution Minus!"" read the incredible story of an ape with a human brain!"... [more]
"BUCKY SHOT! NEAR DEAD! CAP RELENTLESSLY PURSUES GUNMAN! In a story that changes his life forever, Jeff Mace must prove he's not just worthy of being Captain America, but worthy of being Bucky's partner as well. Making matters worse: he thinks he knows who pulled the trigger...but hopes with all his... [more]
"The Trial of Captain America begins here! Nothing will ever be the same again, and this time we mean it. Award-winning writer Ed Brubaker and acclaimed artist Butch Guice continue to take Captain America to new heights!"... [more]
... [more]
Your Price $6.28 You save $4.71 (43%)
Regular Price $10.99
"A supernatural horror action manga from the author of Samurai Deeper Kyo, Code: Breaker possesses a style that flows superbly with impressive art and attractive characters that fans of Death Note and Air Gear will love. Sakura Sakurakouji may appear modest and graceful, but in reality she is a tomb... [more]
Your Price $10.49 You save $4.50 (30%)
Regular Price $14.99
"Fear Nothing tells the story of 28-year-old oddball hero Christopher Snow, who lives in the city of Moonlight Bay, California, along with his hyper-intelligent dog Orson, his best surfing buddy Bobby, and his late night dee-jay girlfriend, Sasha. Snow has XP — Xeroderma Pigmentosum — a very rare ge... [more]
"The battle lines have been drawn. The insane Impostor Joker will lead his army of Jokerz against the imposing Impostor Batman and his Guardian Bats – and the battleground will be the Gotham City World's Fair. The only hope Gotham has is The Dark Knight himself, but can even Batman stop both Imposto... [more]
Never miss an issue of Detective Comics
"Truth and Consequences Finale! The Underminer stands on the brink of ultimate victory, and the secrets he's revealed to the Parr family have left them shaken to their very foundation. Will they band together in time to stop the Underminer's doomsday weapon, or will the surface world fall? This is a... [more]
Never miss an issue of Disney Pixars Incredibles
"Isidore better acquaints himself with his new friends, but doesn't realize that they're renegade androids! The Eisner Award-nominated series continues in true science fiction fashion, living up to the novel that inspired Blade Runner!"... [more]
"John W. Campbell Award-nominee Chris Roberson's expansion of the world of Philip K. Dick's acclaimed Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? continues, revealing another piece of the definitive science fiction event of 2010. Charlie Victor and Malcolm Reed continue their pursuit of the renegade androi... [more]
Your Price $29.67 You save $20.28 (41%)
Regular Price $49.95
"Garry Trudeau is among the world's most widely read cartoonists. Though his work his been anthologized before, this is the first book to assess the art of the comic strip and the way in which Trudeau's style has evolved over the past four decades. Brian Walker sheds light on Trudeau's early influen... [more]
"Revived, enchained and seemingly tamed, the Barrington Corporation believes they have Dracula under their control. Which is just what Dracula wants them to think. As Dracula gets his pawns into place, Evan Barrington races to discover his true plan before it's too late! It's bloodsuckers vs. bloods... [more]

Sins of the Father concludes as one member of Dynamo 5 goes to drastic measures to defeat the alien invaders, which will have lasting consequences for the entire team. Plus, our exclusive NOTORIOUS back-up series concludes as Notorious faces his moment of truth."... [more]

Your Price $6.28 You save $4.71 (43%)
Regular Price $10.99
"Runa, an orphan, is a klutzy daydreamer. Her greatest treasure is an amulet that once belonged to her mother. There is a big secret behind the amulet. One day a boy and girl snatch the amulet from Runa, leading to a new life of adventure for Runa as she learns more about her mother's mysterious leg... [more]
Your Price $16.99 You save $3.00 (15%)
Regular Price $19.99
"Lionheart, the world's greatest, toughest super hero is on top of the world...publicly. With the out-of-control parties and girls throwing themselves at him, you'd think he'd be happy. But the one girl he loves, the woman he put on a pedestal, is the team tramp. Swimming in his bad mood, Lionheart ... [more]
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