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Never miss an issue of 10th Muse Vol 3
The final battle between Superman and Ruin is here, and Superman must choose between his best friend and justice! Will Lupe get her revenge against Pete Ross?... [more]
Never miss an issue of Adventures Of Superman
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Regular Price $9.99
Kakugo is fully prepared to die. The battle that awaits him is with a warrior far more powerful than any that came before him. In his foe's flesh are far more Zero Form Balls than Kakugo or his brother and he was trained by Kakugo's own father. How can Kakugo possibly survive?!... [more]
The Letter... [more]
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Regular Price $12.95
At his classmate Mamoru Takayama's funeral, Mizuno is surprised to find that he is not really alone. His friend’s soul is apparently unable to rest in peace because he has a lingering attachment to this world. His unfinished business is to steal Mizuno's lips! Will the ghost of Takayama's wish be fu... [more]
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Regular Price $7.99
Sex, Drugs and Zeppelin! In the 1970s four life-long friends plan their escape from a small town in New Jersey. Unfortunately they find that fate, nature, or some monstrous power has other plans for them...based on a true story.... [more]
The Insufficiency of Rain... [more]
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As “The Winter Soldier” arc rockets toward its senses-shattering conclusion, Cap’s allies come to his aid in the hunt for the man he believes may actually be his one-time partner. Featuring special guest appearances by both Iron Man and the Falcon! You can’t miss this issue, as red-hot creative team... [more]
Never miss an issue of Captain America Vol 5
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Never miss an issue of Conan
Your Price $11.04 You save $1.95 (15%)
Regular Price $12.99
The story of Coyote moves forward fast, as the son of the totem gets past his heartbreak by moving into a swinging singles complex in Las Vegas. Revenge scents in the desert air as he gets a job, working for the mob, which works for the Shadow Cabinet. And he has his first run-in with the Djinn, a M... [more]
Your Price $12.74 You save $2.25 (15%)
Regular Price $14.99
In these eight stories from the pinnacle of the Silver Age of DC Comics, thrill to the exploits of Green Lantern, Flash, Dr. Fate, Hourman, Black Canary and Starman as they oppose the Shade, Captain Cold, Solomon Grundy, and more!... [more]
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Never miss an issue of Dead At 17 Protectorate
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Never miss an issue of Digital Webbing Presents
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Never miss an issue of Donald Duck And Friends
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Never miss an issue of Dracula vs King Arthur
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