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"We have excess of extra “M”s so: This month starts with a mountain of massively malevolent mayhem from the minds of Mark Waid (52, CAPTAIN AMERICA) and Marcos Martin (DR. STRANGE: THE OATH). With Spidey trapped underground, the Web-Head learns more about the surprising new cast-member who promises ... [more]
Never miss an issue of Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2
"There's a monster on the loose in St. Louis, MO. and Anita Blake is on the case! After visiting the home of the local Voodoo Priestess in search of answers and witnessing things so evil she never thought them possible, and discovering her mentor's dark past, she is sent a deadly message in the nigh... [more]
Never miss an issue of Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Laughing Corpse Book 1
"The moment of truth finally arrives for Loman, Switzer and Flabbergast. And as Magoon lies bleeding, Healey’s dreams of riches and fame die with him. But in the wake of the mind-blowing message from Stelaphane's future self, does anything really matter anymore?"... [more]
Your Price $11.99 You save $8.00 (40%)
Regular Price $19.99
"Written and illustrated by Eisner Award nominee and Eagle Award winner Steve Conley, this 10th-anniversary edition of Astounding Space Thrills collects for the first time the rare early issues of the popular independent comic book. Also featured is a gallery of amazing art from the series by legend... [more]
"NOW MONTHLY! Zechariah, the Astounding Wolf-Man’s former mentor has a long, dark history filled with tragedy, betrayal and murder.Now is the time for that story to be told.At long last, the secret origin of Zechariah."... [more]
Never miss an issue of Astounding Wolf-Man
"Locked down, Angie and a group of refugees face the Incubite threat head-on! And will one of the Authority fall prey to the horrible virus ravaging innocent victims aboard the Carrier?

Also included is part 2 of the NUMBER OF THE BEAST-related backup from Gage and artist Wes Craig (WILDSTORM: REV... [more]

Never miss an issue of Authority Vol 5
"Two issues of BATMAN in one month! Now that “Batman R.I.P.” has concluded, the aftermath begins! In his last hours, Alfred the Butler tells the life story of the Batman as you've never seen it before in this two-part adventure which bridges the gap between the events of “Batman R.I.P.” and FINAL CR... [more]
Never miss an issue of Batman
Your Price $5.99 You save $4.00 (40%)
Regular Price $9.99
"Ichigo's recent battles with the Arrancars have proven that if he wants to protect his friends he must get stronger, and the only way to do that is to control his inner Hollow. Ichigo turns to the Vizards, ex-Soul Reapers who have been Hollowfied, to teach him. But before his training begins, Ichig... [more]
Never miss an issue of Bleach
"Hughie — or perhaps that should be ""Bagpipe"" — meets the original G-Men, and their mysterious benefactor John Godolkin. Secrets of the G-Mansion abound, including one that leaves our hero breathless. Frenchie and the Female begin surveillance as MM works the clues, and Butcher pursues answers fro... [more]
"In the aftermath of Broken Trinity, there’s a somber visit to a gravesite as Witchblade bearer Sara Pezzini is left to sort through her feelings for her baby's father, Jackie Estacado, The Darkness. Meanwhile, The Angelus watches and plots, waiting for a chance to strike. This is the third of three... [more]
"“WAITING FOR THE END OF THE WORLD,” PART 3—Would you destroy the world, if it was your only chance to save it? No, not this world. A dark, twisted, miserable version of this world—one that shouldn’t even exist. One that won’t exist, if you succeed. That’s the choice Lucas Bishop had to make it—and ... [more]
Never miss an issue of Cable Vol 2
THE GIRL IN THE BACK SAYS EVERYONE ATTACK! The competition’s heating up! Idea Gods vs. Fire Notions with a lowly show biz failure caught in the middle! But who’s running the show?! This episode — you’re gonna find out! But… why does he look like Chuck Amok’s grandfather?!... [more]
Your Price $14.97 You save $9.98 (40%)
Regular Price $24.95
"During the American Civil War, as Union armies marched deep into Confederate territory, Confederate General Patrick Cleburne advanced a plan to enlist slaves to fight for the South. According to Cleburne's proposal, every African American who served the Confederacy as a soldier would receive freedo... [more]
Your Price $29.99 You save $20.00 (40%)
Regular Price $49.99
The fifth in a six-volume series edited by Dean Mullaney.... [more]
"Forced from his Bolivian home to an America where superpowers, mechanical apes, and genetically altered monsters are the order of the day, will young Miguel Francisco accept the offer of the man who wants to make him a god? Or will he embrace the harder path and the often inevitable costs of doing ... [more]
Never miss an issue of Contingent
"Caught. Cuffed. Convicted. Cal McDonald has had more tangles with the law in recent years than he can count, but he’s never been a truly wanted man until now. Apparently all it takes is one dirty D.A. with a Cal-shaped chip on his shoulder and a horde of L.A.’s finest on his side to frame and sente... [more]
Never miss an issue of Criminal Macabre Cell Block 666
Your Price $6.59 You save $4.40 (40%)
Regular Price $10.99
"Things get more dangerous and more confusing for Akito as he and the mysterious Neon search for a way to cure Yaya. Their travels lead them to Neon’s hometown, but he doesn’t exactly receive a warm welcome! Will appeal to fans of Saiyuki."... [more]
Your Price $6.59 You save $4.40 (40%)
Regular Price $10.99
"Rui has just transferred to a new school, and hopes to make friends quickly. What better way to do that then by joining a few clubs? Unfortunately, it seems that most of the social groups around campus have been recently shut down – by the boy who just happens to be Rui’s fiancé! Still, determined ... [more]
"Get ready for the invasion! Endless Sky #1 from AAAA Comics! The New York Small, Small Publisher -- AAAA Comics -- proudly presents its first title Endless Sky, the story of a human invasion of an alien world, taken from the alien's perspective. The Nugrens, an agile, flesh-regenerating people of ... [more]
... [more]
"Lora Innes’ Revolutionary War-era romantic adventure continues. In issue two, Bea wrestles through the implications of her previous night’s dreams and winds up taking it out on her unsuspecting cousin. And when she falls asleep right before a very important event, Bea finds herself back in the eigh... [more]
"Lora Innes’ Revolutionary War-era romantic adventure continues. In issue two, Bea wrestles through the implications of her previous night’s dreams and winds up taking it out on her unsuspecting cousin. And when she falls asleep right before a very important event, Bea finds herself back in the eigh... [more]
"Scott Christian Sava’s Dreamland Chronicles tells the story of Alexander Carter and his discovery of a necklace that takes him to a magical world of his childhood dreams. There he finds danger, adventure, and romance. In this issue, Pirates Ahoy! Alexander is attacked by Pirates from the Nightmare ... [more]
Never miss an issue of Dreamland Chronicles Vol 2
"The death of El Diablo! Chato Santana has been possessed by a gun-slinging spirit of vengeance. But what he’s keeping inside will now be the death of him! If the gangsters out for Chato’s blood don’t kill him, the demons hunting El Diablo will. Trapped between two worlds, he’ll discover even the DC... [more]
"A mysterious orphan on the streets of Rotterdam, no bigger than a bean, will change the world. There’s only one student at Battle School smarter than Ender Wiggin—Bean."... [more]
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