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It’s 1944, and the first gathering of super-powered heroes may very well be the last. What happens when the government assembles a new breed of super-powered beings at the height of war? Who lives? Who dies? And what exactly does the government have planned for the “heroes”? BATTLE HYMN: FAREWELL TO... [more]
Shortcut, Part 4... [more]
Never miss an issue of Blade Of The Immortal
Second Coming, Part 4... [more]
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BOY PRINCESS is a pulse-quickening tale of swords and sorcery, far-away kingdoms, and the fairest princess in all the land...with a twist. When a prince's soon-to-be-bride elopes two days before their wedding, her desperate family dresses up its youngest son and sends him to get married in her place... [more]
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Never miss an issue of Captain Atom Armageddon
... [more]
Never miss an issue of Casefiles Sam & Twitch
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Anise is the only one who has discovered that the twin brothers Siva and Cipher are sharing one life, taking turns going to school and working as an actor. But they have yet to reveal to her the reason for this bizarre lifestyle. How far will she go to uncover their secret?... [more]
Left to his own devices in war-torn Manhattan, Matty stumbles into Central Park, where he comes face to face with a crew of armed and dangerous environmentalists. Are these the mysterious “Ghosts” who protect the once beautiful park, or is Matty at the mercy of a gang of psychotic tree-huggers?... [more]
Never miss an issue of DMZ
My Bum Was a Gateway to Another World... [more]
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Regular Price $16.99
“Spectacular” isn’t just the title as Spider-Man’s college years are augmented by authorial and illustrative excellence! Enemies old and new, recurring and rare, line up to teach the web-slinger plenty -- but will he become his own worst enemy as the sinister Spider-Lizard? Robots, killer bees, livi... [more]
... [more]
Never miss an issue of Exalted
The Adversary's forces have finished conquering the European-based Fable worlds and have now invaded the Arabian Fable worlds. In a remote outpost deep within the Arabian lands, one small group of goblin conscripts and a few of the Empire's elite wooden soldiers struggle to hold off one Arab attack ... [more]
Never miss an issue of Fables
... [more]
Never miss an issue of Franklin Richards Son Of A Genius Everybody Loves Franklin
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When the British Crown goes on exhibit in Germany, the Major knows Eroica is bound to follow. NATO, the CIA and even the KGB conspire to lure the world’s most elegant art thief away from the world’s most irresistible jewels. Will Eroica take the bait?... [more]
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Regular Price $9.99
Alphonse and Edward get caught up in a string of terrorist bombings. Enlisting the help of Col. Roy Mustang, the two alchemists must hunt down the insurrectionists and stop their reign of terror.... [more]
Treasure Hunters, Part 4; Last Illusion; Hotel California... [more]
Never miss an issue of Furrlough
... [more]
Never miss an issue of Ghost Rider Vol 4 Road To Damnation
... [more]
Never miss an issue of GI Joe Americas Elite
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When giant alien beasts attack San Francisco, the U.S. Military responds by bio-engineering a human-monster hybrid to stop them – and GIANT KILLER is born! NOCTURNALS creator DAN BRERETON's acclaimed 'monsterpiece' is finally collected in to one high-octane trade paperback collection!... [more]
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Regular Price $9.95
A full-color graphic novel-style book that retells African myths — stories as varied and vast as the continent of Africa itself. The Myth of Anasi will also tie in with Neil Gaiman’s forthcoming book, Anasi Boy. Includes informational front and back matter, maps and other illustrations.... [more]
Movies as Brian Yuzna’s Society & The Skull were the inspiration for this tale which mixes horror and financial corruption! The main character in The Great Seal is Mike Gallo, a successful businessman who finds himself in the middle of a mysterious power game run by a secret society. At first the bu... [more]
Laci destroys everything in her path as she unravels the mystery of who killed her parents when she was a child. Why has she been misled all her life, and how will the truth affect a girl already teetering on the edge of insanity? Everyone in New Orleans seems to be running from the law, and when cr... [more]
Your Price $11.89 You save $2.10 (15%)
Regular Price $13.99
The return of Captain Britain! Brian Braddock is released from his duties as protector of the Omniverse to deal with a threat of even greater proportions—as if that was even possible! Meanwhile, Pyslocke and Rachel find themselves trapped in a situation with no way out!... [more]
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