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Never miss an issue of Archies Double Digest Magazine
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American Psycho, Part 1... [more]
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Bloody murder is committed at a museum when a scene from a gruesome painting is reproduced. Later, the men in black are back! Will Conan be able to come any closer to getting his old body back? Also, Conan's friends from grade school find a treasure map - but will it only lead them to a trove of tro... [more]
Never miss an issue of Case Closed
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Regular Price $19.99
This special trade paperback edition collects the three CSI Miami one-shots, SMOKING GUN, THOU SHALT NOT and BLOOD/MONEY. Horatio and his CSI team contend with shooting sprees, murder, deception, and counterfeiting in these tales based on the smash-hit CBS drama!... [more]
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Never miss an issue of Darkness Vol 2
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Acclaimed mystery author and comics writer Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition) took over scripting Chester Gould’s iconic detective strip in 1978, and Dick Tracy would never be the same again. These volumes collect Collins’s masterful yet controversial 15-year run. Casefiles collected include "Ang... [more]
As Joe Ledger fights against the alien crystal for control of his memories and his humanity, the stage is set for an ultimate confrontation! Straight from the pages of SUPREME POWER, the story of Doctor Spectrum continues to unfold!... [more]
Welcome home, Blink and Sabretooth! The Exiles find themselves returned home to the Age of Apocalypse...with the unlikeliest new teammate--Apocalypse’s homicidal son, Holocaust! Can the Exiles stop fighting amongst each other long enough to complete their new assignment—killing the X-Men?! This stor... [more]
The Angel’s back, and she’s got company! The duo of Sachs and Violens have hit Bête Noire, and they have the Fallen Angel in their sights!... [more]
Never miss an issue of Fallen Angel
With the threat of Killer Frost eliminated, Ronnie Raymond — the original Firestorm — joins current Firestorm Jason Rusch just in time for an attack by Multiplex and Typhoon!... [more]
Never miss an issue of Firestorm Vol 2
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When Sakura reveals that Natsuki was arrested for bounty hunting without a license, Batanen and her sidekick, Tomy, decide to rescue the cat-girl. Four heads are better than one, so they embark upon a trip to Osaka to protect a young priest and find the source of their bad business. The adventure do... [more]
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