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"When Wayne Kitka goes to Barrow, Alaska — four days before it goes dark for another winter — to learn the truth about his brother William's death, he finds that the truth isn't always easy to come by, and Barrow is a hell of a lot scarier than he expected! The series that revitalized horror comics ... [more]
Never miss an issue of 30 Days Of Night Return To Barrow
"Fractured World, Part 2"... [more]
Never miss an issue of Authority Vol 2
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Regular Price $49.95
A rich vein of seldom-seen comics history is now re-presented for fans both old and new, showcasing the classic early work of Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, Dick Sprang, Jack Burnley and others. These are early Batman and Robin stories at their most exciting! Plus, this volume features an introduction by... [more]
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Two Americas, Part 2... [more]
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SHOW AND TELL is an anthology featuring a myriad of comics and short stories put together by the talented members of the Kansas City Comic Creators Network — written and illustrated by 64 different contributors! Genres include Superhero, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Comedy.... [more]
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The Surrogate Part 3... [more]
Never miss an issue of Detective Comics
A thrilling miniseries by Joe Kelly & Ted McKeever melds six heroes into one machine-based super-hero: Enginehead! The action goes down in Irontown, as Enginehead is created from a handful of DC heroes, Professor Emil Hamilton, Automan, Rosie the Riveter, among them. But what noble purpose will Engi... [more]
"A Blink in Time, Part 3"... [more]
The Death and Life of Zombie Boy; Little Orphan Zombie; The Fat Little Bat; The Boy and His Pet... [more]
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Taka takes advantage of Takahashi's amnesia and fools him into thinking that she is his girlfriend. But he senses that all is not right and sets out to discover more about himself before he is forced to marry Taka. He ends up in Kyoto and takes a job waiting tables while Shigeta, also in Kyoto, visi... [more]
Harm’s Way... [more]
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This series follows the Hellsing Organization, an old institution created by English royalty to squash the ghoulish undead of the world, as they face an insurgence of murderous monsters running rampant across the isles, fueled by...could it be...Nazi's?... [more]
This Better World... [more]
... [more]
Spider–Man versus Doctor Octopus... [more]
Never miss an issue of Marvel Age Spider-Man
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Hell Hath No Fury…... [more]
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