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Yuri just started 6th grade, and was elected to capture and eliminate aliens that are constantly invading the school! Even worse, she has to wear a symbiotic alien helmet to get the job done.... [more]
Colonel Cronus is a famous war hero whose aerial prowess is world renown. Mark, the leader of G-Force, idolizes Cronus while simultaneously hating his own father for abandoning him. But no one is perfect and there are secrets that even our heroes hide.... [more]
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After participating in a tense encounter at a snowed-in roadhouse, Constantine finds himself thinking back to the past, when magic was still more of a sideline than a curse and the costs of dealing in it were only beginning to make themselves known.... [more]
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Never miss an issue of HERO
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"Manhunt, Part 4"... [more]
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Never miss an issue of Janes World
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Comes with a detailed diorama base complete with opening safe (filled with loot), and a full-sized (removable, non-articulated) Spider-Man figure clinging to the wall.... [more]
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A short circuit burns out the power Crystal in one of Mother's Cognitive Reactors. Now, the robots must find a replacement Crystal...but the one they dig up is a sacred relic from a monkey burial ground!... [more]
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Trakk travels the remains of the Earth to find the Helmet of Kyldran, rumored to hold the balance between good and evil. On this ruined planet, hope is the most precious gift, and a timeless warrior can only be saved by the subtleties of his own humanity.... [more]
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Hostile Takeover, Part 1... [more]
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Never miss an issue of Scooby-Doo (DC)
Sam and the BitterLuck return to Union space only to find Gaia under threat of destruction from a massive Negation armada. And just as the situation goes from bad to worse, we learn the terrifying secret of the resurrected Roiya Sintor.... [more]
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Everyone has at least one great moment in rock 'n' roll. Several of these comics feature well-known musicians, but they aren't necessarily about music. These are funny and poignant comics about people struggling with and celebrating their circumstances.... [more]
A mysterious conglomerate offers to sponsor the Titans and Young Justice, but will either team take the offer? Before they can decide, the mysterious cyborg Indigo attacks and seriously wounds several of the two teams' members...perhaps fatally!... [more]
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