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"“100 Bullets” Part 3. As we learn more about the past history of The Trust and the Minutemen’s place in contemporary history, we check in on a manhunt for a killer named Pippen, who’s just made the biggest mistake of his young life. "... [more]
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Regular Price $9.99
"The mounting chaos in space descends to Earth’s surface the as fighting between AEGIS, the Lexy, the people of Revro and The Resistance escalates. Izare’s efforts to keep Jino safe by becoming the ultimate weapon seem to be for naught when Ray Lee hacks into U.S. military defenses and uses them aga... [more]
"These are the chronicles of Tony Stark: the playboy, the genius inventor, the philanthropist, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., the futurist, the hero. This Handbook is the definitive resource to the world of Iron Man, featuring Tony's closest allies (Happy and Pepper Hogan, War Machine, the Order) and... [more]
"The DB, New York's trashiest tabloid, has just hired the sleaziest, most muckraking, lowlife paparazzi of them all...PETER PARKER?! Say it ain't so, true believer! Also in this ish, J. Jonah Jameson finds inner peace and harmony...(Hey, it could happen! Maybe.) All this and the first ever lives... [more]
Never miss an issue of Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2
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Regular Price $8.00
"The latest in the series of Ryan Claytor's autobiographical adventures recounts his move from a comfortable small town to the bustling city of San Diego in order to pursue his Master of Fine Arts degree. Stress mounts, chaos ensues, but will good times prevail? A bonus interview with the artist fol... [more]
"The adventures of Ashley J. Williams continue! Now that the “Long Road Back Home” has been taken, it’s time to head back to “Home Sweet Hell”! Ash is back in a world mostly of his own making — back in the S-Mart and checking prices on toasters and girdles. Only thing is, the demons are conspiring a... [more]
Never miss an issue of Army Of Darkness Vol 2
"Bat Lash’s origin comes to a stunning conclusion! As Bat tracks Brubaker to Mexico, Dominique takes her fate into her own hands. Who will survive? "... [more]
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Regular Price $14.95
"Be among the best and the brightest with Bart Simpson's brilliant new comic collection! See Bart thumb his nose at social convention, defy authority, and outwit his classmates as he makes a little pocket change while he works for the Comic Book Guy, tries to save his beloved treehouse from demoliti... [more]
"“Blue and Gold” continues as the Justice League International returns! In a desperate attempt to correct time, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are forced to rebuild the team that defined them so long ago! But can what's left of the JLI stop Max Lord and save the world from his O.M.A.C.s?"... [more]
Never miss an issue of Booster Gold Vol 2
"B.P.R.D.: 1946 rises to its astounding conclusion as Bruttenholm at last comes face to face with one of the most diabolical villains to emerge from the Third Reich, a mad genius whose creations will plague the B.P.R.D. for years to come."... [more]
Never miss an issue of BPRD 1946
"This beautiful painted cover by Felipe Massafera is only available on this special uber-premium cover! The image is printed on actual canvas to fully capture the beautiful work of this master craftsman! Limited to just 150 copies, all of which ship in a special hard case."... [more]
"The Skrull Invasion isn’t restricted to the US. When the Skrull Invasion hits England, only Captain Britain and MI: 13 stand in their way. Can they find out what the Skrulls are after before it’s too late? "... [more]
"The Skrull Invasion isn’t restricted to the US. When the Skrull Invasion hits England, only Captain Britain and MI: 13 stand in their way. Can they find out what the Skrulls are after before it’s too late? "... [more]
... [more]
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The saga of Checkmate continues in this volume collecting issues #16-22! The espionage and intrigue continue as Amanda Waller — Checkmate’s White Queen — resorts to blackmail to protect her own covert op interests. ... [more]
"The Robinson Family — four boys, their mother, and their father — are shipwrecked on a deserted island. Using their ingenuity and the natural resources around them, they manage to survive. "... [more]
"Jim Hawkins, son of a guest house owner, comes across a map of Captain Flint's treasure. Together with Squire Trelawney they set off for Treasure Island and meet up with Long John Silver, Ben Gunn, and a motley crew of pirates!"... [more]
... [more]
"Cthulhu calls and Steve Niles answers! Niles and Michael Alan Nelson (Fall Of Cthulhu) are aboard the new monthly series that readers demanded, based on the fan-favorite, critically-acclaimed anthology! Yes, Cthulhu Tales is back — and this time it’s monthly! More great Cthulhu stories from more gr... [more]
Your Price $9.34 You save $1.65 (15%)
Regular Price $10.99
"Rui is giving her new club all she's got, but her evil fiancé is making things increasingly difficult! As easy as it is to believe that Natori is just an arrogant jerk, a timely rescue reveals he may not be as bad as she thought. But before she can react to that surprise, another one is revealed — ... [more]
"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Once, scientist Ted Sallis and Ellen Brandt were lovers. Now, they have both been transformed: Ted into the monstrous Man-Thing; Ellen into a disfigured mockery of her former self, her face seared in an act of vengeance. Now she's returned ... [more]
"In the 19th century, Dr. Victor Frankenstein brought his first creation to life, but a horrible turn of events forced him to abandon his creation and fall away from the public eye. Now, two centuries later, a serial killer is on the loose in New Orleans, and he's salvaging body parts from each of h... [more]
Never miss an issue of Dean Koontzs Frankenstein Prodigal Son
Relm and the creature now venture toward the tower that they have fought so hard to reach. Are the sacrifices of their journey worth what await them at the tower? The conclusion to the four-issue mini-series!... [more]
Never miss an issue of Distant
"“Blood in the Game” Part 3. As the pro-Delgado movement expands, the P.R. firms of both the United States and of the FSA attempt to get the revolutionary on their sides. But Delgado has plans of his own."... [more]
Never miss an issue of DMZ
"IDW Publishing continues its re-presentation of classic Doctor Who comics from across time and space as “The Star Beast” concludes, giving way to...“The Dogs of Doom!”"... [more]
Never miss an issue of Doctor Who Classics
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