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When Yakumo returns to Japan thinking he can resume his old life, he discovers that the evils of hell have come with him!... [more]
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G-Force takes a mission to save a planet that is under attack by Spectra. The planet is New Thundera. Upon arrival, G-Force meets some unexpected allies who are also trying to fight off Spectra and save their planet - the Thundercats!... [more]
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Astrid discovers that her father's and brother's deaths may not have been an accident as she comes under attack from a creature spawned in the pits below the clockworks.... [more]
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The newest collection of warm slice-of-life stories--without the cynicism. Some melancholic, some hopeful, some humorous; all are keenly and quietly observant.... [more]
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Teenager Jacqueline "Jax" Epoch, accidentally winds up falling through the Realmsend, a passageway into a different dimension. Expecting a lush, fantasy world, she instead finds a barren plain, devoid of the magic she's dreamed of.... [more]
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The duo of Earl the dog and his feline friend Mooch can be counted on for charming adventures and out-loud laughs in this eighth collection of this award-winning syndicated strip.... [more]
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An adaptation of one of Mozart's most famous operas, a farcical tale mixed with fantasy involving the Queen of the Night, who sets Prince Tomino on a quest to rescue her daughter, Pamina, from the evil Sarastro.... [more]
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Trudy is a smart, sexy woman--with a penchant for being around ominous occurrences and strange people.... [more]
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Nightcrawler faces his inner demons as he discovers a dark secret about his past! And will it lead to the death of some of those closest to the X-Men?... [more]
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Now able to jump from host-to-host with the greatest of ease, Venom is on the run from mysterious forces, each with their own agenda for the elusive alien. But is this the same Venom that we've come to know and fear?... [more]
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