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Never miss an issue of 2000 AD
After years of attacks, and several without, the citizens of Barrow have become united against random attacks on their city by the undead. Unfortunately the same does not apply outside of Barrow or the rest of the mysterious Arctic Circle. Forget everything you ever thought you know about 30 DAYS OF... [more]
Never miss an issue of 30 Days Of Night Beyond Barrow
Amid the growing horror surrounding what's left of the village, awkward alliances are formed, hatred flows and Charlie Keating watches a boy become a man in the worst way possible. Friend becomes foe as even SS officer Hoeppner learns that, unfortunately for him and his Nazi rhetoric, he might not b... [more]
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In an exciting volume of nonstop action, the story of BANYA: THE EXPLOSIVE DELIVERY MAN comes to an end! Banya races to deliver his most important "package" ever the powerful summoner Jiahn to the aptly named Land of Death. Jiahn must reach her destination before an extraordinary evil is unleash... [more]
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Never miss an issue of Birds Of Prey
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It's the Winter Soldier versus everyone in this senses-shattering conclusion to the first arc of the EPIC "*Death of Captain America*" storyline. Winter Soldier versus Crossbones - the man who sniped Cap! Winter Soldier versus S.H.I.E.L.D. and Tony Stark's hand-picked Mighty Avengers operative! Wint... [more]
Never miss an issue of Captain America Vol 5
Amanda Waller's unauthorized Black Ops game is exposed! "The Fall of the Wall" begins here!... [more]
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The Countdown to the end is on! Karate Kid battles Equus! Jimmy Olsen visits Infinity Inc. for answers! Mary Marvel falls under the spell of Eclipso! Kyle Rayner joins the Challengers from Beyond! Piper and Trickster encounter the villainy of Poison Ivy and Deathstroke! Plus, Black Canary's bachelor... [more]
Never miss an issue of Countdown
Get ready for two incredible features in new stories that shine a light on the dark places in the DCU! The Helmet of Fate has landed...on Kent Nelson a man so far down on his luck, he doesn't know what luck is! The transformative nature of the helmet grants him powers he can't begin to comprehend.... [more]
To say that Cal's been through hell and back would be a misstatement. He's been to hell, all right, and he seems to be stuck there for good. When we last checked in on Cal, he and Mo'Lock had just witnessed the vile, horrifying transformation of Cal's lovely ex, Sabrina Lynch, into a minion of the v... [more]
Never miss an issue of Criminal Macabre My Demon Baby
Your Price $9.68 You save $6.32 (40%)
Regular Price $16.00
Basking in the trenches of leftover teen angst, punk rock, and brutal honesty, Cristy Road romanticizes the underdog like it's nobody's business! Here is the first collection of five years of her artwork. Her work has appeared in the pages of JANE MAGAZINE, BITCH AND BUST, as well as doing artwork f... [more]
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Never miss an issue of Distant
Your Price $11.01 You save $1.94 (15%)
Regular Price $12.95
The pulps' legendary superman battles evil in two exciting adventures by Lester Dent writing as Kenneth Robeson. In "The Majii" (1935), a living dead man lures Doc Savage into an Aladdin's cavern of horror. Then, "The Golden Man" tests the scientific wizardry of the Man of Bronze, exposing deep secr... [more]
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Never miss an issue of Dynamo 5
Your Price $11.86 You save $2.09 (15%)
Regular Price $13.95
Emo Boy has finally found the love of his life...and loses her in about 10 pages. Thus starts the downward spiral of emo that carries Emo Boy through therapy. Prepare for an emo-zombie plague! See Emo Boy as he gets the Christmas spirit beat into him, loses friends, and writes a school play!... [more]
When a powerful international leader summons Mayor Hundred, the superhero-turned-politician must decide if he can risk leaving New York City and traveling to another country for the first time ever.... [more]
Your Price $25.46 You save $4.49 (15%)
Regular Price $29.95
Jump on at the beginning with this chunky 'manga-sized' volume collecting two previous TPBs into one! Also included is the 'lost' issue #22, "Fight Scene," reprinted for the first time (with a new scene added)! Jaeger is a Finder, which is an aboriginal detective. Jaeger is also a sin-eater, which i... [more]
What alien menace lies beneath the Flash's own home? And what's his dark, dark family secret the one that's helping him keep the peace in Keystone?... [more]
Never miss an issue of Flash Vol 2
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