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 for example: Batman #1, X-Men, Frank Miller, Action Comics, Spider-Man
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Garth Ennis

JG Jones

JG & Walt Simonson

Peter David & Greg Pak

Terry Brooks

Jim Butcher

Ariel Schrag & Jeffrey Brown

Mahmud A. Asrar, Jay Faerber, Yildiray Cinar

Rich Emms, Brendan Deneen and J.M. DeMatteis

Kazu Kibuishi (far right) and Flight creators

Chris Eliopoulos & Sam Enthoven

Midtown Comics Staff, Family and Friends

Thor & Brian

Phil Jimenez & Tom

Walt Simonson & Dave

Captain Action Girl & Angelo

Gerry & Captain Action Girl

Darth, Danny & Stormtroopers

Hal & All-Star Superwoman

Alan Scott sighted at Midtown

Cody, Rob, Andrew & Ted

Erin & Lisandro

Cody, Alfonso, Rea, Thor & Serge

Alfsonso & Gahl

Leo & Adan

Rea & Andrew



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