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Best Sellers: Statues

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1 Marvel Gallery Savage Land Rogue PVC Statue
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Your Price: $45.00
A Diamond Select Toys Release! She'll steal your powers, and your heart! This 9-inch sculpture of the X-Men's Rogue is based on her famous Savage Land storyline, in which the power-absorbing mutant found herself stranded with Magneto in the Antarctic paradise. Based on Jim Lee's artwork, this [more]
2 Marvel Gallery Gwenpool PVC Figure
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Your Price: $45.00
A Diamond Select Toys Release! When Gwenpool takes a selfie, it's time to practice your selfie-defense! Coming from a world where everyone in the Marvel Universe is just a comic book character, Gwen Poole is a rookie mercenary on the rise, and she feels no guilt when her targets are fictional! This [more]
3 Marvel Gallery X-23 Wolverine PVC Figure
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Your Price: $45.00
A Diamond Select Toys release! She's the best there is at what she does, and she gets it from her dad's side! The all-new Wolverine (formerly X-23, now just Laura Kinney) is the newest entry in the Marvel Gallery line of PVC Dioramas. Measuring approximately 9 inches tall, this detailed sculpture is [more]
4 DC Gallery Justice League Movie Wonder Woman PVC Diorama Statue
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Your Price: $45.00
A Diamond Select Toys release! Unite the League! The heart of the Justice League team has arrived, completing the DC Gallery movie line-up! Wonder Woman slides into action in a scene straight from the movie, gliding across the floor on her knees, ready to take out an opponent with her sword. This 9- [more]
5 DC Comics Designer Series Batman By Brian Bolland Mini Statue
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Your Price: $80.00
From the pages of the Eisner Award-winning BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, acclaimed artist Brian Bolland's iconic rendition of Batman gets a 7-inch polyresin In a Limited Edition of 5,000, this statue sculpted by David Giraud brings to life one [more]
6 DC Comics Nightwing Ikemen 1/7 Scale Statue 1st Edition
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Your Price: $79.99
From Kotobukiya. Kotobukiya's new statue series the IKEMEN begins with Nightwing! Similar to Kotobukiya's popular Bishoujo series, the IKEMEN series is a lineup of popular characters re-designed by the famous Japanese illustrator, Ricken, into the Japanese ikemen (handsome men) style! [more]
7 Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Batgirl By Joelle Jones Statue
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Your Price: $125.00
It's selfie time, Batgirl of Burnside style! Eisner Award-nominated artist JoŽlle Jones brings her unique style to the DC Cover Girls line with this premium 9-inch polyresin Batgirl sculpted by Jack Mathews. Limited to 5,000 pieces, this dynamic version of Batgirl displays Jones' uncanny ability to [more]
8 DC Comics Batman Who Laughs SDCC 2018 Previews Exclusive Statue
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Your Price: $89.99
"From the popular Dark Nights Metal series comes this stunning statue of the "jokerized" batman from the Dark Multiverse, the Batman Who Laughs! Standing 8.1 inches tall, this prince of chaos is featured in his signature buckled outfit that's covered in small details to really bring this Ba [more]
9 Marvel Premier Collection Venom Statue
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Your Price: $150.00
A Diamond Select Toys release! Brains! Venom is back, and DST is celebrating his rebrth with this approximately 12-inch resin statue of the original symbiote! Breaking out of a glass tank, Venom is at his full power here, and is a must-have item for any Venom fan. Limited to only 3,000 pieces [more]
10 DC Universe Robin & Bat-Hound ARTFX Plus Statue
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Your Price: $64.99
A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese Import! Kotobukiya's ARTFX+ series turns to the exciting new Super Sons monthly comic book series from DC Entertainment! Robin stands ready to start some actio[n with his loyal partner, Ace the Bat-Hound by his side. This 2-pack comes with a metal display base with the l [more]
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