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The Last War that shaped Nyrielle Tam into the Dark Lantern known as Thorn ended with a catastrophe the likes of which no side would claim: The Mourning. When it ended, an entire nation had been obliterated… and unbeknownst to the warring armies, pieces of another world stepped through to Eberron.

Across Khorvaire citadels ruled by a strange elf-like race—the eladrin—appeared. Secretive, defensive, difficult to so much as approach, the eladrin have been a mystery since they appeared. But now they're reaching out. They seek a set of missing crystals, artifacts they say could undo the horrors of the Mourning and return their cities to the Feywild.

But in order to find out whether the eladrin can do all that they say, Thorn must infiltrate the most deadly citadel of them all.

Item #: 1105359  •  ISBN: 9780786956241

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