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Available in multiple covers
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Garth Ennis Jennifer Blood #20 $3.82
High-End Mike Mayhew Virgin Art Ultra-Limited Variant Cover (Only 25 In Existence) $64.18
*release dates may be subject to change


Only 25 in existence! Cover features Mike Mayhew's full color artwork in virgin style, clear of any trade dressing. Bagged and boarded with a DE certificate of authenticity.

Revere, New Mexico, doesn't get many visitors. There's Louis Blue, the meth kingpin, out of his territory. Elaine Pruitt, the homicide detective, out of her jurisdiction. Ray Buwick, the wetworks agent, out of his mind. And of course, the reason they're all there... Jen Fellows, the mother of two. Out for blood...

Item #: 1256003  •  UPC: 72513018410802021  •  MFG CODE: C72513018410802021

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