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Forty years ago, The Amazing Spider-Man first leapt onto the pages of a comic book. In his hand-stitched red-and-blue costume, this teenage boy discovered an obligation to use his incredible powers to help save the world, despite the fear and mistrust held by many who he sought to aid.

Now, four decades later, that age is far from over. Though much has changed in Spider-Man's world in those intervening years, all that matters has remained the same. Spider-Man has taught us that the greater the power, the greater the responsibility comes bound with obligation.

Trace the fascinating exploits of your favorite web spinner as he battles crime and cruelty in its many guises, while often putting his own search for happiness is second place. Packed with intrigue, love and loss, victory and defeat, this truly is The Amazing Spider-Man.

This DVD-ROM includes every AMAZING SPIDER-MAN issue through June 2006.

Item #: 43057

Note: Cover art is subject to change by the publisher, without notice, and Midtown Comics is not responsible for such changes

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