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   Batman Beyond Hush Beyond TP,5/4/2011 9:14:42 PM
This is a great book for both old and new readers. You dont have to read anything before this so if you are a new reader it is a great book to chose. This used to be a cartoon series so if you watched that this would be intresting. It has some pretty good artwork and the story is very exciting, it keeps moving forward and it doesnt get confusing. I recommend it to everyone that wants to read a comic but doesnt have to know a lot about the character to read it. If you have to choose any book get this one.
   Y The Last Man Vol 1 Unmanned TP,5/5/2011 9:51:47 PM
This was probaly the best comic book series I have ever read. A mysterios plague suddenly kills every male on earth except for Yorick Brown and his pet monkey. The series follows him as he tries to figure out the reason why he survived. He is helped by an agent and a doctor that might be able to clone him. Ast the same time a group is hunting Yorick to kill him another wants him for themselfs. All that Yorick really wants to do is find his girlfriend but unfortnantly for him she is halfway across the globe. This was a great series and I recommend it to everyone.
   Flashpoint #1 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Andy Kubert Cover,5/15/2011 4:43:38 PM
This was a great issue, for people that dont know yet this comic happens when the Flash wakes up one day and finds that the world has changed completly. Most heroes are gone or have been made into villians. The Flash is the only one that seems to notice that something is wrong. It is a great issue and I reccomend it to anyone that wants to start reading the Flash.
   Flashpoint #2 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Andy Kubert Cover,6/15/2011 5:55:49 PM
There wasnt anything that exciting about this issue. it wasnt that diffenrent from the first issue. Nothing really happens in this issue at all. But the cliffhanger is pretty good and i bet that the story is going to get better next issue because there is only three left.
   Flashpoint The World Of Flashpoint #1,6/15/2011 6:02:13 PM
This issue was ok. The story was pretty good and so was the art. There isnt nothiing wrong about this issue. I would really reccomend it and it looks like it is going to get better.
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