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   Kingdom Come TP New Edition,6/23/2011 1:11:45 PM
What happens when "The Man of Tomorrow" becomes "The Man of Yesterday"? Placing himself in self imposed exile the world unfolds under a new generation of superheroes under Magog Superman is brought from the Fortress of Solitude to see the chaos they have created. Now, as Lex Luthor and his Mankind Liberation Front search for a way to end the Metahuman Scourge, Superman and his revived Justice League must find a way to bring them undercontrol, to end the abuses of power and the villainy that has blurred the lines of good and evil. Where do Bruce Wayne and his outsiders fit? Will Lex Luthor and his MLF destroy the metahumans before their war destroys mankind? Will the hope embodied by Superman be able to carry this new Justice League? Or will they be pushed over the edge by circumstances to become what they are fighting against? Will the Spectre show the end or a new chapter being opened? All leading up to a Cataclysmic final event Kingdom Come is richly told, cleverly written story complete with apochraphal imagery that makes you want to turn the page for more. A story that is definitely worth the read, whether you are a fan or a first timer.
   Batman Gates Of Gotham #2 Cover A Regular Trevor McCarthy Cover,6/24/2011 2:29:35 PM
The next chapter of "The Gates of Gotham" is here and it wont disappoint. Picking up where Part One left off, it begins with the story of Gotham on the brink of prosperity, building that bridge to the future as the powers that be commission the construction of a city on the cusp of tomorrow. Cut then to present as Batman, Red Robin, Robin and Black Bat try to figure out the mystery of a city they are naive to the history of as they find it held in the grips of an unknown terrorist. Even with a darker portrayal of Dick Graysons Batman, much more reminiscent of the first man to hold the mantle of the Bat, Bruce Wayne, this is a compelling story that will leave you waiting for the next installment as some questions are answered leaving more to be asked. A deeply involved story that will suck you right in as we find a mystery worthy of the man who would be the next Worlds Greatest Detective as it tests all he learned under his mentor.
   Justice League Generation Lost Vol 1 HC,7/18/2011 12:00:51 AM
Why has Maxwell Lord been resurrected? That might be the question if anyone remembered who he was. Risen following the events of Blackest Night the manhunt is on, or at least it would be if Lord hadnt, pushing his telepathic powers to the extreme, erased himself from the collective memory of mankind with the only recollection of him held by the former members of the Justice League International. Now, teaming up with the new Blue Beetle and Rocket Red, Fire, Ice, Captain Atom and Booster Gold must not only stop him but discover the reason he is back as Lord moves towards his mission to "Stop the war before it starts." Creative and inventive Justice League: Generation Lost, Volume One is a must read in the Brightest Day story arc. It may not be the best in a well written, thoughtfully designed series, sometimes bordering on the slightly busy, it is a compelling journey that not only moves at a steady pace but that offers a something satisfying for readers. It offers every bit the dysfunction and dynamic that made JLI an character orientated team, while delving more into the personalities, the strengths, weaknesses, fears and strengths of the team members while giving a glimpse of a post-apocalyptic world that might come if Lord is not ultimately stopped.
   Flashpoint Emperor Aquaman #1,7/18/2011 1:17:19 AM
Hell sink the world to its knees... Known as Emperor Aquaman by the surface world he is the driven, haunted king of Atlantis at war with the entire world around him after the murder of his wife Mera. Though a well told story I had higher hopes for Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman. Perhaps the problem was that there was just too much story to tell and not enough room to tell it, filled with political intrigue and suspense, but it seemed more to gloss over some of the more intricate parts of the story, choosing more to reflect on Aquamans emotion conflict and tension. Though I generally enjoy a more character focused story, not at the sacrifice of the rest of the story or the details needed to make it truly great. Still, it leaves a great deal of potential, of room to expand into the second edition, serving to build my expectations for the next installment of this story and what it has to offer. Its definitely one of those comics you have to see how the rest plays out to see how it will serve in the longer run, its worth determined by subsequent offerings.
   Flashpoint Batman Knight Of Vengeance #2,7/18/2011 12:33:53 AM
Wow... If I could pick one word for the second installment of Batman: Knight Of Vengeance, that would be it. Of all the stories I was expecting, of the twists and the turns that I might have seen coming, what Knight of Vengeance offered was definitely not one of them. This grittier, darker side of Batman is done a remarkable justice by this second installment to the series, leaving you to wonder how they are going to conclude it, what they are going to do to bring this series to an end. Deeply involving, well structured and fast paced, it is a definite read that will be enjoyed by any Flashpoint or Batman fan that is watching this universe unfold.
   Flashpoint Batman Knight Of Vengeance #1 Cover B 2nd Ptg,7/18/2011 12:28:03 AM
Just when you didnt think the Dark Knight could become any dark he becomes the Knight of Vengeance. Haunted by the image of a grizzly murder of his family in an ally years before Thomas Wayne runs Wayne Casino to control the flow of money to the underworld. By night though he dawns the cape and the cowl of Batman, waging his own personal war on crime, and, unlike the war waged outside the Flashpoint universe, it is take no prisoner. Without restraint he takes out criminals in an attempt to make the world a little less of a bad place. Starting with the kidnapping of Judge Harvey Dents children Batman: Knight of Vengeance is a fast moving, well plotted story, worthy of the Flashpoint story arc that it finds itself a part of. Well drawn, it introduces you to a different side of Gotham, a different world of Batman, and does significant justice to this alternate reality universe that it is a part of. Well worth the read, a must read for anyone getting into this last arc of before the relaunch
   Brightest Day #0 Regular David Finch Cover,7/24/2011 2:02:10 PM
Why has the mysterious White Light resurrected them and what plans does it have? Following the shattering events of The Blackest Night, 12 heroes have been risen by a strange white light power force harnessed by the White Lantern, the source of life. Why though? What mysteries are they to unlock? What is the reason for their miraculous rebirths? What is their place in this new world they have been pulled into? The stirring conclusion of the Blackest Night has ushered in a this deeply compelling story that gives you your first glimpses into this new arc from D.C. comics, with a must read beginning that will leave you needing to pick up the next installment in this series. Follow Deadman Boston Brand as he is transported from site to site amidst the newly arisen heroes as they seek to make sense of what has happened, of what is going on, it is well worth the journey.
   Brightest Day #1 Incentive Ivan Reis Variant Cover,7/24/2011 2:58:48 PM
The mysteries continue to abound amidst the Brightest Day. With the bones of Hawkman and Hawkgirls first bodies unearthed, what is wanted with the corpses that were supposed to have been lost and destroyed? Why is Aquaman commanding the dead as he did when the Black Lantern possessed him? Who will draw the White Lanterns power battery from the ground? Who is the mysterious stranger that is haunting the Martian Manhunters visions? Who is the stranger whose bloodlust seems unquenchable? And what role does Deadman play in all of this? Picking where the previous installment of Brightest Day left off comes issue one in this strangely compelling arc. Well drawn, well devised it is a story that keeps you wanting more and more, that leaves you to question and to unlock the mysteries that are there. A story that seems to be getting better and better this next chapter will not disappoint ass it gives a glimpse into the events that will come, to the next pages in this story as you watch it seem to unfold around you. A must read that will suck you in page by page.
   Batman Beyond Hush Beyond TP,7/24/2011 10:43:24 AM
Who is killing Batmans old enemies, and why is he using the different styles of the Dark Knights one time adversaries to do it? Set against the backdrop of Neo-Gotham in the not to distant future Terry McGinnis is in a race against time, not only stop a man who has assumed the identity of Tommy Elliots Hush, but who is, one by one, systematically executing one time members of the Gotham underworld. Who is he? Why is he doing this? But, perhaps more important than all of this... how does he know who Bruce Wayne is and the secrets of the Batman if it isnt the original Hush? A well written, well devised story line, especially as far as Batman Beyond goes. Riddled with mysteries it, it will keep you turning the page, trying to figure this one out until the very end. With trips into the older mythos that Batman Beyond sometimes seems to gloss over, it is a enjoyable read. Perhaps the only complaint is that the emotion between Terry and Bruce seems a little forced at times, yet it remains an entertaining read for people who want a good story, a good mystery and enjoy the world of Gothams future. Check it out and let yourself get drawn in, it is a good rainy day comic
   Flash Rebirth TP,7/24/2011 12:40:56 PM
What is the mystery behind Barry Allens return from the Speed Force? Has he come to once more take on the mantle of The Flash or has he been drawn out for something more, for reasons so much more sinister and darker? What lies behind the rebirth of the Flash and what will it reveal to us about who Barry Allen is and what made him "The Fastest Man Alive", what drives him to outrun time and fate itself? An incredibly compelling work that combines this well written, well drawn mini-series into one volume, "Flash Rebirth" is a creative, action packed tale that leaves you wanting more. Its hard to imagine this story getting better, but, as one page turns to another, and one edition makes way to another "Flash Rebirth" keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what mysteries Geoff Johns and Ethan van Sciver have in store for you next. Answering long held questions about the Flash this isnt just a re-introduction or a resurrection story of the Silver Ages Scarlet Speedster, this is a story that stands on its own merits and will not disappoint. A definite must read for all Flash fans with something in it for everyone.
   Flashpoint #1 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Andy Kubert Cover,7/18/2011 10:50:59 PM
In a flash the world changes for Barry Allen. It may look and feel familiar snapped awake at his desk but everything has changed, and the more he tries to make sense of it the more he realizes its not the same. A strong start for the end of the DC Universe as we have come to know it so far over the past 25 years. Well drawn with a compelling story that leaves you not only turning the page but anxious to start the second installment of Flashpoint we are given a glimpse of the world as it might have been, as it is now amidst the second plane where Barry Allen now finds that heroes have never been made, love has never been found, where those who should defend have become conquerors and he is no longer the man he thought he was and spent so long becoming amidst the tries and the challenges he has faced. A definite must read, only beware, once you have started you will be drawn in, unable to wait to crack open the second edition.
   Flashpoint #2 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Andy Kubert Cover,7/18/2011 11:11:05 PM
Its not an alternate universe, its all changed. London is conquered by Wonder Woman, Aquaman has sunken Western Europe, and, below the outer city of Gotham, under Wayne Manor, Barry Allen is finally able to make some sort of sense of it all as he comes to realize that his old enemy, the Reverse Flash, has set into motion history changing events. Perhaps not as climatic, or as fast moving as the first installment of the Flashpoint event, this is definitely not without its charm. A story building edition it gives you a view of the world as it is now when everything has changed, as Allen, with the help of Thomas Wayne, desperately struggles to find a way to not only make sense of it all but to set things right again. Written to bridge the gap readers engrossed in the world of Flashpoint will appreciate this as a way of giving themselves a better view of this world that Barry Allen now finally begins to grasp.
   Flashpoint Project Superman #1,7/19/2011 12:05:52 AM
They needed a hero they could rely on, one that they could control, and so, in the depth of a secret Government Facility, the military made their own Superman from Alien DNA. Uncontrollable, unstable, he would end up becoming more than they had bargained for. Whatever you may expect from Flashpoint #3 put your expectations on hold and aside. Though it may get better, and we can hope it does, Flashpoint: Project Superman does not live up to the expectations and teases left to us in the last installment of the main series. Focusing not on the Last Son of Krypton there is barely a glimpse of him offered in this story and it hardly seems worthy of the name that it bears. One can hold hope that the next installment offers something better, something more than this, because, without spectacular artwork and without the real Superman it isnt worthy of this well written, edge of your seat series. Let Project #1 serve as something to build excitement in the hopes that #2 offers something better to readers
   Flashpoint #3 Cover A Regular Andy Kubert Cover,7/18/2011 11:40:32 PM
In a flash the worlds greatest heroes have been taken out of the equation. Without Abin Surs death Hal Jordan has never become the Green Lantern, Thomas Wayne is an aging, cynical, more ruthless Batman, and now, with Barry Allen once more harnessing the power of the Flash he needs allies to once more set the universe right. All that is left to him is to find the last son of Krypton. Yet, as Project Superman is revealed, will Kal-El be capable of offering the help needed to once more change the course of events that have led to Flashpoint? Deeply engrossing, the third installment is perhaps the best Flashpoint yet. Well drawn, character and story orientated, it weaves so well through the stories of the previous Flashpoints to set into motion the stories found in the subsets. Not only introducing the new Superman it gives a better, stronger insight into both Thomas Waynes Batman and Barry Allen while setting Cyborg up as a deeply likable, strong character to help draw the series like they hadnt in Flashpoint #1. A page turner that will leave you longing for the release of the latest edition, and drive you to read Project Superman with vigor.
   Brightest Day #2 Regular David Finch Cover,7/25/2011 12:36:26 AM
What happens when the Brightest Day brings dark challenges in its wake? Searching for answers the Martian Manhunter returns to earth to explore the moment when he was taken from his home while Hawkman and Hawkgirl discover startling secrets of the depth of Hath-Sets depravity. Who is the mysterious stranger who has such a dread hatred of Jonn Jonzz? Why is Aquaman leaving a trail of death behind him? What does all of this mean in the shadows of it all? Perhaps not the best installment of this otherwise stellar series, Brightest Day #2 is definitely a bridge story between the early start and the latest editions, building foundations for the rest of this ongoing saga. This is definitely not a stand alone story and one is hard pressed to follow this if this is the first of the series that they pick up. Yet, in the light of the earlier and the subsequent editions on takes it for what it is, a part of the unraveling story that is playing out, realizing that there are going to be editions that are a slow read. If you are following this series it is going to have insights that you are definitely not going to want to miss, and it serves as a good reminder of the fact that the best stories need a bridge between parts to link them all together.
   Brightest Day #3 Regular David Finch Cover,7/25/2011 12:52:38 AM
The bones of different lives of Hawkman and Hawkgirl have been raised but for what purpose? The firestorm matrix has been deactivated but what is it that is going wrong with it? And what does Raymond really remember from the Blackest Night? With the grizzly murder of an entire family who is the old foe of the Martian Manhunter? And with the dead sea life raising at Aquamans command, what can be done to truly help him? As Brightest Day #3 opens it opens a series of new questions on the same mysteries we have been exploring throughout this series. Well written it methodically steps up the story with a well written, well drawn glimpse at what is happening, leaving us with more questions that need to be answered. A terrific next installment that helps give us a better look and a better understanding without revealing more of the story then we need to, at this point know, Brightest Day #3 picks up and carries the ball where the previous editions left off, making you excited to read the next chapter in this terrific arc.
   Flashpoint Secret Seven #1,8/10/2011 11:58:44 AM
Can The Changing Man return? As it is warned that the illogical sequence of events is more than Shades mind can comprehend his mind is processed as it cleared of all previous memories as the Metans who have apprehend him poke around in his brain. Yet it is not Shade alone who struggles with things he cannot quite grasp as he hears in horror the potential of his madness. Is June Moon buried too deep in the mind of Enchantress, unable to escape locked in their? Split in two and buried in that mind the struggle is for her find her escape. Flashpoint: Secret Seven is a bit of an enigma to readers, not so much in the story itself. Rather its in how the story itself even ties into the greater Flashpoint story arc. If you consider it in this light its confusing. Rather, to truly enjoy Secret Seven, and you will as it is a well written, well drawn comic, you have to consider it to be a separate side story, perhaps, more than anything, to give you insight into these characters who are so familiar but recast in this changing universe. Clever and told with a degree of style that definitely makes it an interesting story Flashpoint: Secret Seven is a welcome aside to give a nice reprieve from the main arc of Flashpoint in your reading.
   Flashpoint The Canterbury Cricket #1,8/10/2011 12:38:50 PM
In a flash the Canterbury Cathedral is destroyed by an Amazon attack and, for one lone boy, the questions are answered. What would turn an arrogant con man like Jeramey Chriqui into a hero? What would push him to fight for something more than himself and his own gain? Whether as a curse for his wayward life or a miracle of his souls inner salvation he will never be the same as he becomes something vastly different, something so unexpected, a hero he never knew he could be. As the title would suggest the story of The Canterbury Cricket takes place on the shores of Amazon occupied England. As far as One Shots within the Flashpoint universe, this is good one. A personal story meant to invest you in the life of one of the members of the Resistance who we are not at all familiar with it is a story of growth, transformation, yes, on a physical sense but more on a metaphoric and philosophical level, and redemption. It is easy to get caught in the story thats woven, told over a campfire as members of the Resistance flee the Amazons grip that shows a side of humanity that can only be known when humanity is ripped away. By the end its hard not to be personally invested in The Canterbury Cricket, or to want to see where his road to self discovery will lead to next.
   Batman Arkham City #4,8/9/2011 11:48:48 PM
Who is the puppet master pulling the string behind the scenes? How does he wield enough control to architect the madness behind Gotham City? Finding himself now in the underbelly of Arkham City Batman struggles to find the answers to these questions and more. Yet, frustrated time and time again, will he yield different results entering the beast itself? Will he find the answers against a nemesis he doesnt know but who is so keenly aware of him? Well told, this latest installment of Arkham City was a good story, it just wasnt as great as one might have expected. If truth were to be told parts of the story itself seemed a bit forced, a bit like a struggle as they tried to fit a lot in to a few pages, and, in some of the attempts, they floundered, knowing the end game but unsure of how to get there. Still, for those invested in this story, it does offer answers, and sets up for what one can hope is a stunning conclusion that will lead up to the game this is meant to be a prelude to. Picking this up do not expect the best that the Arkham City series has to offer, but expect a good placeholder that will lead the conclusion of what is otherwise a solid story line.
   Batman Gates Of Gotham #3 Cover A Regular Trevor McCarthy Cover,8/9/2011 11:26:45 PM
What happens when a man snaps? When his hope was to build a brighter tomorrow and he is faced with a grim present? As the story of Gothams past unfolds so the modern mystery surrounding the Gotham bombings and the personal war against the citys old aristocracy continues. The dark citys long night continues as the architect is revealed and yet the answers given offer only more questions. As the story told in Gates of Gotham arcs with the third installment of this stunning story, so too do your expectations for fourth and the fifth installments. With more of Gothams hidden history woven in you start to really and truly see how the past events start to weave together to form an image towards the present crisis. The insight given to the historical players, and the compelling story told around them offer a look at forming of modern Gotham and the corruption and darkness that surrounds it like never before. Without a doubt this is DC story telling at its finest. Pick up this comic, it is definitely worth the read, and it will keep you coming back for more
   Flashpoint Deadman And The Flying Graysons #2,8/10/2011 12:12:30 AM
The helm of Nabu has drawn the Amazon queens eye and, in that have, have drawn their assassins to Haley Circus. Deep behind enemy lines in what left of Europe simple circus people try to stay alive and away from the attention of the two warring tribes that have used their super human abilities to tear the world apart. Will it be enough though when the Amazons land on their doorstep and tear their individual worlds apart or will they find themselves in the thick of it, cast to a life destiny had in store for them? To be perfectly honest I had not expected much from this sub-series in the Flashpoint arc. The first issue seemed slow moving, leaving one to wonder exactly where this story was going. Yet, that question was answered with this second issue as so much more was offered. Definitely one of the slower moving off the Flashpoint arc Deadman and the Fly Graysons 2, without question, picked up the pace and raised the bar to offer something better, something more than what was expected with this series. Pleasantly surprised, this story makes reading the first part worthwhile as it brings a whole different angel to the story, one that leaves you wondering how they are going to tie it all together in the end.
   Flashpoint Emperor Aquaman #2,8/10/2011 12:26:42 AM
How did Arthur Curry become Emperor Aquaman? From the earliest days of his childhood to the present crisis loss, misunderstanding, arrogance betrayal and pain has gripped his life and shaped the man he would become, vastly different than the man his father wished him to be. Now, will his bitterness and his anger overshadow him as he makes the world feel his pain? What makes Emperor Aquaman 2 is the different take that it has on Arthur Currys life, both as a child and in the adult years as the ruling King of Atlantis and how it molded him as he is. Woven together intricately with the present struggle of the Flashpoint Universe it not only offers insights in the man he is but to the people around him, how everything has spiraled out of control. A deeply character driven story in the Flashpoint arc it doesnt have the intense twists and turns that Batman: Knight of Vengeance offers. Instead it gives an action packed drama that is filled with intrigue, angst, sorrow and hatred that makes this story worth reading if for no other reason than for an understanding of how things in this alternate universe has come to be. Read it, but read it in the wider scope of Flashpoint, World of Flashpoint and Wonder Woman the Furies and you will not be disappointed.
   Flashpoint Kid Flash Lost Starring Bart Allen #2,8/10/2011 12:41:24 AM
Will he disappear like a flash, fading from existence in a world he doesnt recognize? Still trapped in Brainiacs 31st Century Dystopia, Patty Spivot and Bart Allen seek their escape to find the Flash and to once more set the flow of time right. Temporal anomalies, disappearing fast, they must act quick before they are erased from the time line. But is the Fastest Teen Alive able to outrun death and inevitable destruction? Outside of the sphere of time, and, without relating it to the main arc, or at least well enough, Kid Flash Lost is a difficult read in the grander scheme of Flashpoint because you are left to wonder where this story is going. Leaving Bart in the 31st Century, dying leaves you to wonder what exactly they are doing and why they are doing it. Will there be enough pages in Kid Flash Lost #3 or Flashpoint #5 to tie this all together in a relevant way? Expecting more from a story of someone who exists out of the present universe that Barry Allen is battling against this is a bit of a disappointment but one that you can hope that will lead to better things in the final chapter of the story. One can hope it draws to a better, stronger conclusion
   Flashpoint Legion Of Doom #2,8/10/2011 1:00:56 AM
The prison riot is in full force, but Heatwave has more planned than just his freedom... much more planned. What lengths will he go to in order to destroy the man who ensured his incarceration? With his sociopathic anger, bitterness, and hatred festering in him, he leaves a trail of bodies in his quest to escape his doom, but its not enough, nor will it be until he strikes at Cyborg and brings him to his knees. Though a well drawn and well written story Legion of Doom #2 is not for the faint of heart. In showing the darker side that exists there are times when one cringes and it seems needlessly, if not gratuitously bloody and grotesque. If you can stomach the comic book violence of Animal Man having his nose bit off and his teeth crushed into his skull then you will be able to look past the blood to see good story that just get bogged down and overtaken by the more grotesque aspects of the story. Still it is interesting to see how this story will evolve into the final chapter to become a greater part of the events of Flashpoint as we rush to the conclusion of this action packed sub-series. One has to wonder, as Cyborg, such a major player and a force for hope in the world, is stabbed at in such a vengeful way, the impact this will have on Flashpoint.
   Flashpoint Secret Seven #2,8/10/2011 12:24:46 PM
Is The Changing Man a dangerous madman and a murderer who cannot be trusted? Does Shade himself know the depth of his own madness? Amethyst and Abra Kadabra believe so, as they struggle with the deaths surrounding them and the question of the danger that Shade poses. Yet, even amidst this what is June Moons place, raised and brought forth from Enchantress and what role will she play? What effects with Shades calling of the Amethyst and Abra Kadabra play and where will it push the Secret Seven to? Readers may struggle with this series, trying to find, trying to figure how it fits with the main Flashpoint arc. Like the first issue, it seems to exist within this Universe without necessarily being a part of the story. This is definitely a low investment story in the grander scheme of the series. Its more difficult to see and understand why it is a part of Flashpoint except to give insights into the characters. Yet, even with that being said, it is a well written comic, and a well told story that is both witty and clever with a number of twists in it that draws you in as an interesting aside to the greater story. Check it out, its a good read, just dont let yourself be overburdened trying to over think it, there is little to over think here.
   Flashpoint The World Of Flashpoint #2,8/10/2011 1:08:40 PM
In a flash the cards carry her around the world to familiar faces in distance places. Will it be enough for Traci 13 to save the world? Will she find the help that she needs before its too late and the most extreme measures are taken to stop the war between the Amazons and Atlantis? Where will this road take her and what secrets will she uncover in this journey? Without a doubt World of Flashpoint is perhaps one of the faster moving sub-series in the Flashpoint arc. Strongly written, the struggles of a young girl trying to come to grips with loss and her own power as she tries to figure out her place in the bigger struggles that have had such a profound effect on her life, World of Flashpoint carries its own as it tells a solid story that ties together so many people, heroes, who we might have questioned the presence of if the entire world hadnt changed. Filled with twists, the ultimate one coming at the end as a cliffhanger to pave the way for the next installment it is well worth investing yourself in this story.
   Flashpoint Wonder Woman And The Furies #2,8/10/2011 1:19:12 PM
In flash Themyscira is sacrificed to stab at the heart of Atlantis and the war has begun. The invasion of England has ended before it has begun, and Mera queen of Atlantis lays crumbled, broken by Wonder Woman. These are the events that would draw the world to war and, as the assassination of a queen would lead ignite Dianas hatred against Arthur and his people, so would these events create a fury burning for vengeance in Aquaman. For those who have contemplated the events that would lead to the death and the destruction in the Flashpoint Universe, you need not look further than the pages of Wonder Woman and the Furies #2. This is a story that has it all, and carries on from the compelling tale told in the first installment, a story that can only lead to the clash of the titans in an epic battle that will follow. Intrigue, assassination, war, sacrifice, loss and invasion, it is as close to a Shakespearean tale as you will find in the Flashpoint Universe and it will leave you wanting more, excited to see where it all goes from her and where it will all draw to an end.
   Batman Gates Of Gotham #4 Cover A Regular Trevor McCarthy Cover,8/9/2011 11:36:41 PM
Gotham has always been a city bathed in blood, and covered in corruption. What does it mean though if that corruption was what it was conceived by and that blood, what it was born into? Forced to re-live the early history of Gotham Batman, Black-Bat, Red Robin and Robin fight against a shadow of the past lurking forward into the present, dark and bitter in loss, betrayal and murder. For those of you wondering if Gates of Gotham could continue to live up to its potential and to the high standards of the previous three editions need to look no further than the pages of issue four. Well drawn, well told, this next installment leaves you wondering how they are going to top this story off, and how they are possibly going to draw it to a close with only one more issue left. A tense, edge of your seat Dark Knight story that puts Dick Grayson in the heart of a true Batman tale while leaving us to observe how he lives up to the legend of the Bat, this is a deeply compelling, smartly told next chapter, leaving you waiting with baited breath to see how they are going to draw it all to a close. All I can say is I cant wait for Five.
   Flashpoint #4 Cover A Regular Andy Kubert Cover,8/10/2011 12:01:56 AM
In a flash can they change the tide of war that sweeps across the world? If those who are left as heroes unite can they stop the madness of a world that Barry Allen little knows but more and more remembers? With Batman now united with the Flash and Cyborg, this realities greatest hero, a stunning assault is mounted against the Amazons and Atlanteans in the height of their battle for this world. Will the results devastate the blood rampage of two ancient and powerful people or will it spell disaster? Without a doubt Flashpoint #4 leaves you wondering what could possibly happen next. Is there hope or has it all been sweep under like so much of Europe that now rests in a sea of death? A definite triumph in this series as it ties so many of the different arcs that take place in the Flashpoint Universe together. If one needs to find a complaint with this fourth installment of the main series is that it sets up the conclusion of Flashpoint so well that you will be eagerly waiting to see how it all ends, wondering if it could somehow manage to live up to the high standard of this issue and the cliffhanger it leaves you with. Stories like this are the reason that people read comics, and what draws them to this series.
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