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   Green Arrow Vol 6 #1 1st Ptg,9/20/2011 8:03:29 AM
Was looking forward to this one. After the ending to the last volume, with Billy Miggs I thought it was on finally on track. The new green arrow is not the green arrow for my mind. Just another hero with a green costume who shoots arrows. Looks like a surfer with a cross bow. I like the idea of some of the trick arrows, (some stuff makes James Bond look like a documentary) but Ollie has always been a normal sort of hero, who uses arrows and fighting skills to win. Now he is a loaded up with more techno stuff than Batman.(I like Batman) He could just be a teenage mutant ninja turtle without the shell. I am critical because I really wanted to like this. JT Krul has put out about 3 decent Green Arrow comics in the last 2 volumes. Ill stick with this for a one or two months, but based on this I think I will be looking for something else top add to my list. Hope I am wrong.
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