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   Green Lantern Vol 5 #1 1st Ptg Regular Ivan Reis Cover,9/16/2011 10:56:57 PM
Hal Jordan down on his luck, Sinestro forced into being a Green Lantern has the world gone upside down!?!?!? I like it!
   Batwoman #1 1st Ptg,9/16/2011 10:58:36 PM
huh? I feel like i was a little lost in this story. Hopefully the next few issues will explain. Ive never read a batwoman comic and thought itd be fun to check out. I have to say the first issue interested me I just wish I didnt feel like I had to have a cheat sheet with me to understand why this and that.
   Blackhawks #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 2:25:24 PM
Honestly, I figured, "B" Team it cant be that good. Totally not the case. I loved the first issue. Crazy covert team, very cool artwork, a story line that I can get down on. I cant wait for the next issue!!
   Justice League International Vol 2 #1 1st Ptg,9/16/2011 11:00:01 PM
Honestly Id have to say this is all pretty much standard new time stuff. The giant robot coming out of the ground at the end was a bit "SOP" but I may give this comic a couple more issues to see if it can pull me in.
   Teen Titans Vol 4 #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 2:06:40 PM
being the first time I read a Teen Titan comic. I have to say I love the "gathering" angel. Its one of those where the Red Robin feels that its time and puts his own initiative into effect. I cant wait to continue this story line and will be sure to pick up every issue of this Teen Titan run.
   Action Comics Vol 2 #1 Cover B Variant Jim Lee Cover,10/1/2011 2:15:03 PM
I had to read it twice! I was really lost on this one at first. Being new to the superman story line (Ive only ever really watched superman in movies and cartoons) Im very interested to see how this storyline evolves. How does the good nature all American man of steel grow and continue to believe in the same ideals of old in todays world.
   Birds Of Prey Vol 3 #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 2:53:23 PM
Not Bad. Hot women awesome artwork, do gooders on the run. Id like to see how this develops.
   Detective Comics Vol 2 #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 2:36:27 PM
Never Read Detective Comics. All I have to say is, OMG!!! This was such a great opener! I can say I will follow this story and really looking forward to how it is going!!!
   Green Arrow Vol 6 #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 2:42:54 PM
I cant get on board with this one. I felt it was very B-Team and the cover does completely miss leads what kind of art to expect in the book. These feels more like its from the early 90s art style rather than todays excellence. I wont be getting any more of Green Arrow. I really wanted to but I just cant see any attraction.
   Men Of War Vol 2 #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 2:40:10 PM
I was looking forward to this book ever since I heard about the new 52. Ive been wanting a "war" book for a while. I like the way this is starting out but did not like that half the book was another comic. Waiting for more!
   Red Lanterns #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 2:56:59 PM
I told myself I wouldnt pick up an issue of Red Lanterns, I couldnt figure how you could write a story about Rage, like a whole comic run on this one little word. But, I see now that Atrocotis will be DCs Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengence, and well, this spirit, may come with his own team of the same kind. I might get an issue here and there, but probably wont subscribe.
   Stormwatch Vol 3 #1 Cover A 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 2:33:43 PM
Im sorry! I couldnt get in to it. Whats this deal about how the Martian Manhunter is a warrior only with stormwatch. That is just weird.
   Angel And Faith #1 Cover D Regular Steve Morris Cover Signed By Rebekah Issacs ,10/1/2011 2:46:38 PM
LOVED the angel TV Series, I think Rebekah Isaacs is extremely attractive and versatile in playing roles. Im watching her in Dollhouse. But reading the tortured soul of Angel and gruff persona of Faith its a lot different than watching them. I like the first issue and think Ill get a few more. Oh glad I got the signed one as well!
   Justice League Vol 2 #1 3rd Ptg,10/1/2011 2:59:34 PM
WOW!!! This was an awesome opener, I had to read my cousins 1st printing to realize I needed to get this. I was more looking forward to a JSA reboot, but JL will definitly be awesome!! Cant wait for more. Love Hal Jordans cockiness!
   Catwoman Vol 4 #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 5:12:27 PM
What can I say, RAWR? Or maybe Meow! Very nice artwork, not much of a storyline yet, but very steamy ending. This may be a simple job here and job there comic, not a storyline thats part of a greater group / situation. But hey ill check out a few more issues to see what develops!
   Legion Lost Vol 2 #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 4:18:44 PM
What to say about Legion Lost... Have you ever seen Vantage Point? Yeah its like that. different stories happening in the same day having to do with the same people.
   Legion Of Super-Heroes Vol 7 #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 3:07:20 PM
Meh, not too too bad. I picked this up just to see what the legion was like. Never read a story about them before. Its pretty standard. Also picked up Legion Lost apparently that ties into this.
   Supergirl Vol 6 #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 3:11:48 PM
So Cool!! I loved the way this started, even though its a standard Supergirl awakening, but still loved the artwork, love the story. Cant wait for more. Never bought a super girl comic before but i do believe i will stick to this one!
   Wonder Woman Vol 4 #1 1st Ptg,10/1/2011 6:25:31 PM
How do you kill a god? Well well have to wait for the next issue to find out I suppose?? Awesome artwork, I never thought artwork would change between the first page and the last, maybe its just me or maybe the artist did it on purpose. I liked it and will look forward the next issue to see what gods are at odds and who is who.
   Batman Vol 2 #1 Cover C Variant Ethan Van Sciver Cover,10/1/2011 6:31:37 PM
Dear Lord amazing artwork!!! All the villans on the two page spread, so awesome. And Id like to see how they explain the DNA found at the end.
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