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   Hack Slash Omnibus Vol 1 TP Image Edition,5/24/2012 12:28:04 PM
I am an avid fan of this series so I will try to make this unbiased if possible. These stories are filled with cheesy one liners, locations they visit to kill slashers are unique and the relationship between Cassie and Vlad is endearing. Plenty of gruesome exciting artwork make this series enjoyable. This Vol. 1 Omnibus introduces you to the characters and the world. The images are crisp and clear and the art work varies based on issue that can be good or bad based on your likes and dislikes. The writing is amazing in almost every issue and the only drawback is that with a collection this large sometimes the text gets caught in the binding and it is a pain to read it. All in all this is a really great collection.
   Batman Vol 2 Annual #1 (Night Of The Owls Tie-In),6/3/2012 11:20:58 AM
This has been the best issue of DC New 52 Batman yet. Scott Snyder story of Mr. Freeze is exciting and saddening. There are a few new angles here to the character that in a way really make you empathize with him. The tie in with Night of the Owls here is really just for Mr. Freezes back story. The art work is by Jason Fabok is clean and exciting. The best panels in the book however are with a young Victor Fries and his mother. Even if you aren't interested in the Night of Owls arc everyone should still buy this book. It works amazingly as a stand alone story.
   Action Comics Vol 2 #10 Cover A Regular Rags Morales Cover,6/7/2012 1:44:55 PM
Well I am going to start this review with a major issue for me. Rags Morales art still isn't doing it for me. The art isn't constant from one page to the next, often I feel like characters donít look the same from scene to scene or the panel seems empty. Some scenes are spectacular while the majority fall short of decent. Grant Morrison usually has me onboard with his story telling. I like what he does with Clark Kent in this issue making him seem very idealistic and human when we know he is Superman and wonít remain this way. There are some confusing transitions with Superman wearing his t-shirt, jeans and small cape in one page, and then the full on Superman kryptonian outfit in another. As well as some interactions with some other heroes that I feel like could confuse the timeline of events a bit. The story though works for me. I am interested in seeing where it goes and Grant Morrison really keeps me coming back for more. Also, I really enjoy the scenes with Jimmy, Lois and Clark. I think this book could benefit from a new artist and a little more direction and clarity with the story. All in all it's worth a buy, just to see where it all goes. The art work really hurts it here.
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