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   Batgirl Vol 4 #1 Cover A 1st Ptg,1/20/2012 2:30:26 AM
Batgirl's “new 52” reboot starts off with Batgirl tracking down a gang of murderers and uses her gadgets and martial arts skills to take them all down and rescue some potential homicides-in-the-making. However, Barbara Gordon tells of her past as a victim of the Joker and the point-blank shot that put her in a wheelchair for three years. However, now that she's back on her feet, she's movin' out and taking down criminals as the Batgirl! Now that her killer menace is in the hospital, a mysterious man is hunting down a list of people and his next target is Gordon and to get to her, he is tracking down Batgirl's latest catch, residing in the hospital, and determined to kill him. It's up to Batgirl to save him and overcome her fears of the smoking gun that confined her to the inability to walk to save one poor killer's life! This first issue isn't quite a reboot as it basically gives a quick recap of Batgirl's past and explains her crippling encounter with the Joker and how she overcame her “disability” and regained her ability to walk. The action scenes are all over this comic and there are already two death scenes just in this first issue so it looks to be a promising run! The entire comic is narrated by Batgirl herself to give you a little sense of what she's thinking while you get to see the action in progress. Overall, this is a promising series to coincide with all the “new 52” Batman releases and I'm looking forward t
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