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   Blackest Night Tales Of The Corps TP,3/28/2012 6:34:17 PM
I enjoyed it and thought it was interesting seeing the tragic events of each characters' past leading them to thier respective corps. I recomend.
   Green Lantern New Guardians #8 Regular Tyler Kirkham Cover,5/21/2012 9:04:16 PM
Great book. it's interesting seeing Arkillo's reactions to the events from the new Green Lantern series.
   Red Lanterns #1 2nd Ptg,5/24/2012 7:45:46 PM
It seems like a slow start for the series, but red lantern fans will probably enjoy it.
   Blue Beetle (DC) Vol 2 #20 (Sinestro Corps War Tie-In),6/4/2012 8:12:14 PM
It was a good story. I only got because it is a tie in to the sinestro corps war, but it got me interested in reading more of this Blue Beetle series.
   Justice Society Of America Vol 3 #26 Cover A,9/18/2012 8:01:22 PM
It's great to see all the characters act like normal people. I like how they're just a big family.
   Batman Beyond Unlimited #2 Cover A 1st Ptg,6/4/2012 9:22:23 PM
This was better than the first issue in my opinion.The artwork was better. I think it is just okay.
   Batman Beyond Unlimited #1 Cover B 2nd Ptg,6/4/2012 9:05:03 PM
I was a fan of the cartoon series and wanted to read this. I was dissapointed. The art style is too cartoonish for me. The story was okay, but i'll give it one more chance.
   Green Lantern New Guardians #12 Regular Tyler Kirkham Cover,9/16/2012 9:24:22 PM
In this issue, it is explained why the rings were taken, and why the rings went to Kyle Rayner. It also reveals that Kyle Rayner has the potenial to control all the colors of the emotional spectrum. It was a good issue.
   Batman And Robin Vol 2 #0,9/16/2012 8:47:01 PM
This issue focuses on Damian before he became Robin. It also features his mother Talia Al Ghul. Overall, I this is good, and I recomend it.
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