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   Stargate Atlantis Wraithfall #1 Drake Painted Cvr,6/17/2012 8:23:08 PM
I have to admit, I was a bit shocked at how good this was. It's really integrated into the show which I love very much. It's a shame that there is only 3 of them.. If you are a Stargate franchise fan this is worth money and worth the read..
   Earth 2 #1 1st Ptg Regular Ivan Reis Cover,6/17/2012 8:26:42 PM
I really like this story! I just read #2 and I can't wait until the next one... The other reviews pretty much hit the nail on the head, worth the money and worth the read...
   Smallville Season 11 #1 1st Ptg,6/17/2012 8:31:10 PM
I'm going to be honest, I love the show and was nervous about the comic continuing season 11 and I heard so many people say it just flat out sucks... However after reading it I have to say people are crazy! It's done very well and it's nice to see everyone again. This is another comic I like that just can't be released fast enough, I feel we are in for a great thrilling ride!
   Batman Arkham Unhinged #1,6/17/2012 8:33:33 PM
All around a great comic! I'm really not sure what else to say, if you like batman and the video games then you will love it!
   Smallville Season 11 #2,6/21/2012 8:20:08 PM
The first Smallville was a bit of a shocker and I was a bit worried, Now with that being said all my worries went away with this one (#2). I really felt like I was reading a story that had a future. I can't wait until number 3 to come out and I hope its just as good.... Well worth the money and worth the read
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