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   Avengers vs X-Men #7 Cover A Regular Jim Cheung Cover,7/20/2012 9:45:45 PM
Amazing comic. The tension between the X-Men and Avengers continues to grow.
   Avengers vs X-Men #8 Cover A Regular Jim Cheung Cover,8/1/2012 2:26:32 PM
Another amazing comic in this comic event. The Avengers are going tp have a rough time.
   Fantastic Four #58,8/4/2012 12:45:30 PM
A must have for any Dr. Doom fan.
   X-Men vs Hulk #1,8/4/2012 1:32:43 PM
Great comic! it's 2 comic books in one and the fight between colossus and the Hulk is great.
   Avengers vs X-Men #1 Cover J 2nd Ptg Jim Cheung Variant Cover,8/1/2012 4:05:45 PM
Not much action as the rest but it sets up the tension of both sides. A very good way to start.
   Avengers vs X-Men #9 Cover A Regular Jim Cheung Cover,8/1/2012 2:29:12 PM
If your a Spiderman fan then this is a comic you want. another great comic.
   Marvel Team-Up #74,9/2/2012 11:36:13 PM
It's the comic book that makes you look twice. It's Spider-man "live from New York!"
   Thor Vol 1 #337,9/2/2012 11:40:55 PM
This is the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill. If you like this charicter, this is the comic for you.
   Vision And The Scarlet Witch #1,8/4/2012 2:19:09 PM
This comic didn't really grab my attention much. On the bright side, there are zombies in it.
   X-Men Vol 2 #24,8/4/2012 1:47:42 PM
Great cover at, More beautiful in person.
   Wolverine Vol 2 #148,9/2/2012 11:09:30 PM
It was really cool seeing them team up to become the Fantastic Four. You get to see a whole new side to them.
   Deadpool Vol 3 #48,9/2/2012 11:05:57 PM
preatty good for Deadpool. Gives new meanng to the word "stink bomb".
   Avengers vs X-Men #10 Cover A Regular Jim Cheung Cover,8/16/2012 10:18:50 PM
another awesome comic in the series.
   Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #2 1st Ptg,8/8/2012 4:03:02 PM
Deadpool doesn't disapoint. He kills 5 big name marvel heroes. Better and bloodier than the first
   Batman #497 Cover C 2nd Ptg,9/9/2012 8:40:40 AM
What can I say, Batman is broken.
   Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 2 #8,9/9/2012 11:42:51 AM
It is the first appearance of Squirrel Girl. What happens to Dr. Doom is worth buying this comic.
   Fear Itself Deadpool #2,9/9/2012 11:45:53 AM
There is a reason to get this comic...the cover. The story is also very good as well.
   X-Men Vol 3 #10 Incentive Thor Goes Hollywood Variant Cover,9/9/2012 11:53:29 AM
Volstagg and Sif dancing is the main reason I got this comic. The story is good as well.
   New Avengers Vol 2 #15 (Fear Itself Tie-In),9/9/2012 11:33:33 AM
If your a Squirrel Girl fan, you will definately love this comic.
   Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #50 Regular Dustin Weaver Cover,9/9/2012 11:56:11 AM
It is a good companion to #51.
   Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2 #14,9/9/2012 12:01:48 PM
Spider-man meets Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, and Marry Jane. It is a new chapter in Mario's life.
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