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   Saga #1 Cover A 1st Ptg ,3/16/2012 3:14:08 AM
Okay I picked this book up because I enjoyed Brian K's, Y: The Last Man. The preview seemed interesting so I thought why not. The preview was misleading as this comic was so much more than what it lead me to believe! The way the story in this first chapter is told is simply awesome. The art and story click so well in this book that it flows. It seems like a familiar story when reading. There is definitely a commentary on the human condition here with parents from waring factions bringing a child into the world. Yet it reads as something completely new too! There's this wondrous world that we are thrown into there isn't a lot of explanation and that is a good thing. There's not clunky dialogue taking you out of the story. Speaking of story... This story is being narrated by the child on the cover. And this is a story about the troubles and dangers her parents went through to give her a chance to grow old. Her narrations let us know that she will be okay but this doesn't detract from the excitement that these characters are facing. She manages to live, but will her parents? So the story is both timeless yet new, and bringing that out and making it work is the art. It's beautiful and complements the story well. I don't recall ever seeing any of Fiona's work before but I will remember in the future! It appears that Fiona 'hand writes' the girls narration which gives it a fairytale like quality. If you like a great mixture of story
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