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The perfect guide for all things Aspen Comics! This year's edition features full access looks at all of Aspen's 2019 titles for the calendar year, including Michael Turner's Fathom and Soulfire, returning classics like Damsels in Excess and Lola XOXO and more, and of course all new Aspen properties... [more]
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... [more]
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Evil is winning! Lex Luthor and The Legion of Doom conspire with Cosmic Gods, bending mankind toward a dark destiny. Elsewhere, the scourge of Leviathan spreads unchecked, seizing power in every corner of the world. And all the while the Batman W... [more]

So these two FBI agents walk into a warehouse... Special Agents Shaw and McGregor handle the routine cases nowadays, which is just the way Shaw likes it. When two fellow agents go missing inside a Long Beach warehouse, Shaw and McGregor are sent to investigate. But what they find waiting is far from... [more]
From acclaimed mangaka Tsutomu Nihei, the creator and artist behind BLAME! and Knights of Sidonia, comes his newest Science Fiction epic. The 200,000 KM diameter artificial celestial body of APOSIMZ. Most of its volume is its core space, which is covered by a superstructural shell. Fifty centuries a... [more]
It's mischief! It's mayhem! It's a MADHOUSE! Archie is proud to present a variety of weird and wacky tales from Archie's Madhouse - sure to leave you laughing and going crazy for more!
Rating: All-Ages."">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Midtown Comics is proud to offer all of the ... [more]
Aspen Comics' most popular mascots, critters and creatures star in this all in one jam-packed activity coloring book story! Join Wormier, a fearless millipede, along with his lovable sidekick Griff, as they plot to go back in time in order to reverse the destruction of his worm village! Along the wa... [more]
Spinning out of the events of the last Danger Doll Squad series, and featuring the powers of Zombie Tramp, Vampblade, and DollFace combined, its the solo debut of the all new fan-favorite mash-up character in her own book! The next big Danger Zone series starts here!
Rating: Mature.... [more]
The Edgar Rice Burroughs' Shared Universe erupts into comics with four titanic preview introductions including Carson of Venus, The Moon Maid, The Land That Time Forgot, and Pellucdiar! These wondrous stories all interconnect and bring together the brilliant visions of ERB into a single world of adv... [more]
Vamplets have always been obsessed with their pets, but now who can save the Pony's from new villian! Someone is capturing the different Pony's all over Gloomvania, causing chaos in their wake. Who will be able to stop them, and what secret connection d"">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Midtown ... [more]
When Mia and Ginny go to stay at their Grandma's mothball-filled house for the summer, boredom forces them to venture out into her tiny town. What they find in a dusty used bookstore launches them into an upside-down world of terror!
Rating: Teen."">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Midtow... [more]
D.J. and his friend Gina are totally normal kids. But that was before a mysterious boy came crashing down from the sky! Hilo doesn't know where he came from, or what he's doing on Earth, but Hilo may not be the only thing that fell to the planet. Can the trio unlock the secrets of his past? Can Hil... [more]
A new color edition of the critically acclaimed steampunk hit! Lucy Snow was supposed to attend a prestigious academy, but a macabre twist of fate lands her at Hollow Fields--the grim boarding school dedicated to raising the next generation of mad scientists and evil geniuses! Her classes are a real... [more]
July 22nd, 1898. After returning from the Undersea Kingdom, young Howard Lovecraft and a few friends must travel to Antarctica in order to prevent the awakening of Cthulhu. This comic is an all new handbook of H.P. Lovecraft's monsters and creations that appear in the upcoming animated feature film ... [more]
Are you scared of scary stuff? Don't worry, Johnny Boo will keep you safe with BOO POWER! Being scared can be really fun... when you're the best little ghost in the world! It's a brand-new spooky adventure from the Eisner-Award-winning mind of James Kochalka.
Rating: All-Ages."">"Welcome t... [more]
Taking care of a baby can be monstrous...
Three bumbling monster criminals on the run from the law accidentally wind up as babysitters. But they've got bigger problems than diapers because that baby is being hunted by Dracula and an army of vampires. This lightning-paced one-shot delivers chills ... [more]
Kamala Khan is an ordinary girl from Jersey City-until she is suddenly empowered with extraordinary gifts. But who truly is the new Ms. Marvel? Teenager? Muslim? Inhuman? Find out as she takes the Marvel Universe by storm in this beloved series from award-winning author G. Willow Wilson and artist A... [more]
Nancy Drew is seventeen and good at everything... ESPECIALLY solving crimes. But her totally-in-control-and-obviously-running-perfectly-smooth-(but-not-really) life hits a snag when a mysterious message drags her back to the hometown she left behind. There she'll have to find out which of her friend... [more]
Wirt and Greg find themselves back home-only Beatrice is with them?! Suddenly it's up to the brothers to help Beatrice find a way back to The Unknown so that she can reunite with her family, but things might not be as they seem...
Rating: All-Ages."">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Midto... [more]
One fateful night, our heroines' ship is adrift in the moonlight when three witches appear and kidnap three members of the crew. It's a spooky tale from the deck of Raven the Pirate Princess featuring your favorite lady pirate crew and a mystery that could change the fate of our ladies forever. It... [more]
Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat. Presto! This Halloween we are celebrating the return of Rocky & Bullwinkle to cartoons in the new Amazon Prime animated series. To help introduce new generations of fans and readers to everyone's favorite Wossamotta U graduate, we're giving you the ... [more]
High schooler Hajime Tsukiyoda went to Shibuya never dreaming he'd find himself in the middle of a real-life horror movie. When blood-thirsty, flying goldfish descend on the crowded streets, though, everyone is in a battle for survival!
Rating: Teen."">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Mid... [more]
The Turf Wars have started in Inkopolis, and the team that inks the most ground will be crowned the winner! Based on the hit Nintendo games!
Rating: All-Ages."">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Midtown Comics is proud to offer all of the new HCF titles, and everyone is welcome to one copy... [more]
Two creepy campfire tales for this fun for all-ages horror anthology! Find out what happens when two bullies get tricked into a real haunted house on Halloween! And what of Ms. Snargart's fate when she doesn't believe in trolls!
Rating: All-Ages."">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Midtown... [more]
Vamplets have always been obsessed with their pets, but now who can save the Pony's from new villian! Someone is capturing the different Pony's all over Gloomvania, causing chaos in their wake. Who will be able to stop them, and what secret connection do they have to the elusive Ghost Pony?
... [more]
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