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Your Price $5.00
"Imported from Japan! Keep your Gundams in fighting trim with this gray display stand! Designed for use with almost any scale and style of Mobile Suit Gundam model kits (1/144, 1/100, HGUC, HG, MD, SD), this Gundam Action Base display stand comes molded in Gray plastic! Featuring an adjustable displ... [more]
Your Price $30.00
"Imported from Japan! In the postwar era, ZAFT unveils its ""second stage"" of advanced new Gundam mobile suits. One of these designs is the high speed transforming ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam. In its mobile armor mode, the Saviour Gundam is fast and highly maneuverable in both space and Earth's atmosp... [more]
Your Price $24.99
A Diamond Select Release! Back in black and better than ever, the Marvel Select Arachne figure depicts the classic super-heroine in her modern Omega Flight costume and delivers a knockout in the process! Originally available in limited quantities as part of the Best of Marvel Select assortment, now ... [more]
Your Price $24.99
Comes with a detailed diorama base complete with opening safe (filled with loot), and a full-sized (removable, non-articulated) Spider-Man figure clinging to the wall.... [more]
Your Price $24.99
A Diamond Select Release! Featuring the birth of a new legend, the next piece in the illustrious Marvel Select line is none other than the all-new Captain America! Showcased in Captain America #34, join James Buchanan Bucky Barnes as he picks up where Steve Rogers left off and proves that no matte... [more]
Your Price $24.99
A Diamond Select Release! Hes been a Kree, hes wielded the power of the Nega-Bands and now hes apparently a Skrull, but Captain Marvel just cant be kept down for long! Featuring the biggest Mar-Vell of the modern age, this seven-inch figure features multiple points of articulation and a detailed... [more]
Your Price $24.99
Johnny Blaze made a deal with the Devil and became Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance! Now just in time for next years feature film release comes this latest Marvel Select figure Ghost Rider! Standing 7 tall complete with deluxe base, this highly-detailed figure release features multiple point... [more]
Your Price $24.99
A Diamond Select Release! From the pages of The Incredible Hulk comes this Marvel Select action figure featuring the jade giant himself! This massive 8"" behemoth includes fourteen points of articulation and a deluxe rubble base showcasing the aftereffects of a Hulk-attack! Sculpted by Gabriel Marqu... [more]
Your Price $24.99
A Diamond Select Release! Taken from the pages of The Invincible Iron Man, this 7"" scale figure features the unstoppable shell-head in his current Extremis armor design! With over 14 points of articulation and a deluxe base, not even the Mandarin himself can stop this legendary hero as he battles a... [more]
Your Price $16.24 You save $8.75 (35%)
Regular Price $24.99
A Diamond Select Release! Presenting a new take on a classic villain, this 7-inch action figure release features Wolverine's most hated enemy - Sabretooth! From the pages of Marvel Comics history, Sabretooth is depicted with his classic costume and features a deluxe base and multiple points of artic... [more]
Your Price $24.99
Next in the increasingly-popular Marvel Select action figure line is the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Spider-Woman! Now endowed with super-strength, a bio-electric attack, and wall-crawling abilities, Spider-Womans destiny led her to the New Avengers. Standing 7 tall, the Marvel Select Spider-Woman ... [more]
Your Price $24.99
Formerly an Internet Exclusive! Sneaking around high-tech installations has never been easier, thanks to Tony Stark's innovative Stealth Armor! Capable of evading almost all known methods of detection, Stealth Iron Man features a deluxe blast-off base and an all-new color scheme designed to infiltra... [more]
Your Price $24.99
A Diamond Select Release! Taken from J. Michael Straczynski's new Thor series, this 7-inch scale figure features the mighty Thor sporting his new chain-mail costume design! With over 14 points of articulation and a deluxe floating Asgard base, not even Loki himself can stop this legendary god as he ... [more]
Your Price $24.99
A Diamond Select Release! Scaled to the standard 7" size of the rest of the Marvel Select action figure line, Ultimate Hulk stands over 8" tall, and stands head and shoulders above the rest! Sculpted by Sam Greenwell, the Ultimate Hulk is one of the most articulated Marvel Select figures yet, and in... [more]
Your Price $24.99
A Diamond Select Release! Bring home Marvel's monstrous berserker with this all-new Marvel Select release featuring none other than Wolverine! Depicted in his original X-Men costume, this 7-inch scale release stands just under 6 inches, featuring 14 points of articulation and includes a deluxe Weapo... [more]
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