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Regular Price $14.95
The follow up to Paper Rad’s acclaimed PAPER RAD, B.J. AND DA DOGS is both a return to form and a move forward for the group. Focusing on their joke-oriented side, they’ve produced a book of exuberant fun. Bringing together funny comic strips, psychedelic imagey, and their lo-fi digital wizardry, th... [more]
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The acclaimed British illustrator James Jarvis unveils his first new narrative in five years. This highly anticipated graphic novel follows a beaked artist who travels through a wilderness to arrive at an abandoned city. Wandering the empty streets there, he encounters a mysterious, priestly being w... [more]
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Regular Price $14.00
DNA Failure is a unique experiment in comics - three different artists explore a single city and a few characters, providing a panoramic creative view of a made-up village somewhere between Tolkien and The Sims. This has echoes of classic roll playing games and the scrappy nature of zine-based comic... [more]
"Goddess of War traces the life of the title character, from her majestic beginnings as the best Valkyrie and the great granddaughter of Thor, to her present position as the Goddess. But she’s bored of determining the outcome for all wars on earth. So she leaves her isolated planet of vampires, wolv... [more]
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Regular Price $30.00
"In H Day, Renee French explores, through metaphor and in pictures, her struggles with migraine headaches, marshaling troops of insects, beasts and humanoids to envision the processes that result in such hideous sensations. A sweeping, often tense narrative of invasion, repulsion and liberation, H D... [more]
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Regular Price $65.00
This first monograph and storybook from a major young African-American artist describes an ancient conflict: the peaceful, organic Mounds may have been created by the same father, Homerbuctas, who made up their violent, nightmarish enemies the Vegans, but the two clans have been caught up in a tragi... [more]
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Regular Price $50.00
Overspray is the comprehensive account of an exuberant form of art in the 1970s and the culture that made it famous — airbrushing. Inspired equally by surf graphics and psychedelia- a generation of young artists embraced the optimism of the Los Angeles art scene and combined it with the slick- manic... [more]
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Regular Price $29.95
Half art book, half graphic novel, this tome intersperses photographs, drawings prints, and junk by Paper Rad with two graphic novellas (Spaceballz and Alfe) by Ben Jones. Paper Rad's work synthesizes popular material from television, comics, video games, and advertising, and explodes with color, fe... [more]
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Regular Price $22.95
What are the movies? What effect do they have on us? Why do we love them so much? Blutch addresses all these questions in a series of interlocking short comics that move between scholarly history, romantic theory and ribald vignettes, featuring a motley cast of actors and topics including Burt Lanca... [more]
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Regular Price $19.95
"The subject Yokoyama depicts here is less the landscape around the train (the distances covered, the regions traveled through) than the actions within the train itself. As the train moves, the three men walk through the string of cars and are confronted with the vehicle's architecture... its machin... [more]
This action-packed comic tells the story of four friends- the French army- and a beautifully horrifying conspiracy to take over the world. The one has it all — guns- girls- death- friendship- Mia Farrow- and so much more!... [more]
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Brian Belott's first book is a compendium of all his disparate artistic practices — including collage, drawing, found photography and sound mixing — and it is also his first CD. The original CD/DVD included here offers the acclaimed Found Images, a digital slideshow of over 1,000 photos pulled from ... [more]
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