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The world’s greater super-villain, Abyss, has been killed… and that’s the start of the story? Comedic, dysfunctional and heroic adventures begin when oblivious billionaire heir Eric Hoffman inherits his father’s fortune, killer robot, and infamous legacy.... [more]
To save San Francisco from a bomb, Eric Hoffman must don his father's super-villain costume. But when he falls into the hands of The Arrow, Eric's new-found reality is flipped upside-down again. Does he trust the hero or the villain? From the creator of the Star Wars parody film web phenomenon, TROO... [more]
"Quiver, the latest in the long line of Arrow's ill-fated sidekicks, has been missing for three weeks. Eric, son of the super-villain Abyss, may hold the key to her location — and a plot of world domination. But it will take a trip to Oakland to find a man soulful enough to help!"... [more]
The acclaimed superhero comedy is back. Eric Hoffman took over his father's fortune, lair, robot, and Abyss costume, but he can't shake the super-villain legacy. But now it's the scandal on his mother's side that's going to rock the hero community and life as Eric knows it!... [more]
If you discovered your father was the world's biggest super-villain and your long-lost mother was a super-hero, you'd have issues, too. But Eric Hoffman has a new complication in his life - a super-step-father that's none too happy to see him!... [more]
The acclaimed super-comedy continues as the origin of the world's greatest super-villain, Abyss, is revealed! But beware of aliens bearing gifts. As Eric Hoffman discovers, whatever makes you stronger can still kill you!... [more]
In the explosive finale, Eric faces off with a super menace so powerful that it will take all of his allies and enemies combined to stop it. Its first target? Eric's evil father - Abyss!... [more]
They are alone on an uninhabited planet with no survival skills. Supernatural forces torment their every move. Their relationship has been destroyed. They are Adam and Eve, and the fate of the human race not only depends on them surviving, but falling in love again!... [more]
Never miss an issue of After Eden
Without survival skills, Adam and Eve face starvation, the elements, and wild animals outside of the Garden of Eden. To make matters worse, demons add further torment. Can their guardian angels help save them and the future of mankind?... [more]
Never miss an issue of After Eden
After being violently separated by a flash flood, Adam and Eve each find themselves alone on the Earth for the first time. As they try to make their way back to each other, demons tormenting them find the perfect opportunity to strike.... [more]
Never miss an issue of After Eden
As Adam races to save Eve, she finds herself in the middle of a supernatural battle between demons and angels. But will the guardian angels forget their mission to protect mankind as they finally get a long awaited rematch against the fallen angel Satan?... [more]
Never miss an issue of After Eden
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They are alone on an uninhabited planet with no survival skills. Supernatural forces torment their every move. Their relationship has been destroyed. They are Adam and Eve, and the fate of the human race not only depends on them surviving, but falling in love again.... [more]
"A year ago, a massive solar flare destroyed the Earth's eastern hemisphere with the power of a thousand nuclear bombs. But amid chaos, there's profit. That's where Jake comes in, retrieving valuable items from the remains — when he can outwit the competition and the mutated locals!"... [more]
"A year after the destruction of the Eastern Hemisphere by a massive solar flare, Jake finds himself cut off from his treasure-hunting team pursuing the Korean army across the mutant-infested wastelands of China. Is he chasing his dangerous query and fortune? Or is he chasing the beautiful ninja who... [more]
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The 1930's. A young Atomic Robo yearns for adventure and excitement beyond the lessons of his creator, Nikola Tesla. Meanwhile, a mad scientist's quest for immortality puts the entire island of Manhattan in danger! It's up to Robo's forbidden moonlighting team-up with vigilante gunfighter/incredibly... [more]
Seriously! Just look at that title! How can it not make you all a-tingly? Order a million of these things already!... [more]
This is the conclusion. Did you read the first four? If so, you'll want this issue like you want air. If you haven't, well, there's not much to be done with you.... [more]
Atomic Robo is trapped in the year 1884. When he comes face-to-face with a plot that threatens to shatter the Americas, he's forced out of seclusion to become the Old West vigilante hero 'Ironside.'... [more]
Atomic Robo is trapped in the year 1884! Disguised as the Old West vigilante 'Ironside,' he's teamed up with the unlikely duo of outlaw Doc Holliday and U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves to stop a vast criminal empire from taking over the Old West.... [more]
Atomic Robo, Doc Holliday, and U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves just infiltrated Baron von Helsingard's secret war zeppelin factory hidden in the Rocky Mountains. They are now all that stands in the way of the greatest threat the Americas have ever seen. Too bad Robo's nuclear fuel is running dry.... [more]
Baron Heinrich von Helsingard is poised to conquer the West with his invincible army of automatic soldiers and Basilisk war zeppelin. Atomic Robo, Doc Holliday, and U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves stole aboard, but they're outmanned and outgunned, with no plans and no way out alive. Oh, and Robo's nearly o... [more]
Majestic 12 tightens its noose around Tesladyne. Meanwhile Atomic Robo is trapped in Hollow Earth where Dr. Dinosaur has, like, five nuclear weapons and he wants to use them to destroy time itself. Probably he'll just poison the entire atmosphere with radioactive dust though.... [more]
Atomic Robo and his Action Scientists are trapped in Hollow Earth. If the magma, monsters, two different armies, Dr. Dinosaur, or his Time Bomb set to destroy the previous 65 million years don't get them, then Majestic 12 will! 'Cause those guys are invading Tesladyne Island. Don't worry, there's st... [more]
The crisis in Hollow Earth comes to a cataclysmic end. Back on the surface, the Majestic 12 invasion of Tesladyne Island is a complete success. Hey, at least things can't get any worse. Right? Wrong. Get ready for the most mind blowing and world changing installment of Atomic Robo ever.... [more]
"June, 1943 — control of the Mediterranean hangs in the balance as the Allied Invasion of Sicily crashes against elite Nazi soldiers in ""walking tank"" armor that only Atomic Robo can stop! Too bad he's battered, beaten, shot, hit with grenades, captured, and miles away. What does this mean for the... [more]
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