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Jealousy's a monster in this one-shot, psychological thriller from Erica (Chronographer) Heflin. Young Danielle's world is forever shattered by David's beautiful and exotic new girlfriend. When men fall for her charms and Danielle's BFF becomes ill, she begins to wonder if there is something evil - ... [more]
The adventure begins when Rick Bonn asks 'Why Did the Caveman Cross the Sea?' Brad Olrich's mercenaries attempt a raid on Rectory VII, 'At Galaxy's Core.' Terry Cronin plunges three college students on spring break into an underground world of bloodsucking women. Gary Scott Beatty foll... [more]
The adventure begins when Rick Bonn's savage caveman Rohrr! seeks companionship. Then Gary Scott Beatty turns a Japanese legend to the dark side in 'The Deadly Passion of Vega and Altair.' Brad Olrich's ill-fated mercenary raid concludes 'At Galaxy's Core.' Terry Cronin's spring breake... [more]
Caveman adventure, eldritch horror, mob war and gripping sci fi fill the pages of indie's hottest new anthology! Street magic versus zombies in Gary Scott Beatty's 'To Hell!' Paul Bradford's mobs battle for territory in 'Hostile Takeover!' Pulp covers are the inspiration for Gary Scott... [more]
First issue! A PREVIEWS exclusive! The best horror from independent comic book creators! An iron will stands in the face of the undead horde in 'Immortal Resistance' from Rob Anderson! A mysterious (and delicious) cheese causes problems in 'Worm Cheese' from Cronin/Martin/Rivers. Glenn M°ane explore... [more]
Nine complete thrillers! Joe Sergi unmasks a horrifying stalker, Paul Bradford's 'Last Knight' defends against marauders, and Dan Rivera's 'The Assistant' meets a fiendish clown. Tease Fabian Rangel, Jr.'s 'Stinky' at your peril. Then, battle undead gunmen in Scott Schmidt's 'Ghosts.' Anthony Caciop... [more]
First issue! 64 pages of the best story and art from independent comic book creators! 8 complete stories in this issue. Available only from Previews! Tom Kelly (DC's Zuda) slices up the page with Savage Samurai. Douglas Paszkiewicz presents his brand of offbeat humor in Arsenic Lullaby. Tim Vigil (F... [more]
Whet your indie comics appetite with 64 pages of the best story and art from independent comic book creators! Terry Cronin (Students of the Unusual) rocks with the zombies in Recalcitrant Jones and the Dead Beats. Tim Vigil (Faust) roams the streets of the City of Lost Souls. Mike Kitchen (Spy Guy) ... [more]
"It's a jazz club murder mystery, with art based on 1950s album cover design! From the martini crowd at the uptown piano bars to the whiskey cats at downtown's Skylarks, piano man Dean Fontessa had thought he'd seen it all. But when he agrees to beat chops with the local pounders about a nixed out g... [more]
Comic shop owner isn't a job, it's a calling, in this full color, done-in-one-issue story exploring 50 years of comic book history! Comics helped Steve through some tough times growing up and he turned his love of the medium into a comic shop business. But is it worth the toll it takes on his family... [more]
First issue! Six horror tales that push the boundaries of good taste, modernized for today's comic readers in a realistic, new style by Xeric-awarded author and illustrator Gary Scott Beatty! Film producers agree the zombie apocalypse was a good thing for their industry. Then, giants relax fishing, ... [more]
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