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"Reprints Durango Kid #33; Ghost Rider (Magazine Enterprises) #4; B&W. Storyline: The Roar of the Rapids!; White Indian; The Greedy Ghosts of Boot Hill; Photo Finish; The Man of 1,000 Faces; Tortures of the Damned"... [more]
B&W. Storyline: The Vulture Swoops... [more]
"Reprints material from Redmast #46, Prize Western, Rocky Lane Western #46, and Black Diamond Western; B&W. Storyline: Durango Kid: The Death That Walked Like a Man!; Haunted Horseman: Into Doom Valley!; The Lazo Kid: Tales from Red Mask’s Cave; Black Diamond: Blood at Snake Creek; American Eagle: T... [more]
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"Featuring a chilling ""Haunted Horseman"" yarn illustrated by Dick Ayers, recipient of the 2007 Eisner Lifetime Achievement Award! Comics legends Gardner Fox, Ray Krank, Paul S. Newman, Frank Bolle, Joe Certa, Fred Guardineer, and Ed Good also deliver two-fisted excitement in ""The Redhead Who Hate... [more]
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"Continuing the return of the beloved superhero E-Mand by creators Nick Cuti and Joe Staton. Plus The Dreamweaver menaces Mr. Mixit, by Roger McKenzie and Steven Butler. Introducing Edison Corliss, WWII steampunk action by Paul Kupperberg. Art by Tim & Pat Kennedy and Barbara Kaalberg. All-new full-... [more]
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Concluding the return of the fan-favorite superhero E-Man by creators Nick Cuti and Joe Staton in 'The Great Battle!' Plus MR. Mixit is trapped, 'Lost in Limbo,' by Roger McKenzie & Steven Butler. More Deathwatch vengeance by McKenzie & Ben Torres, and full-color fun with old and new Charlton charac... [more]
Another 140-page compilation of classic stories from the lurid pre-Code horror comics of the 1950's! Includes 'The Hidden Horror', 'Million Year Monster', 'The Evil of Black Hollow', 'The Soul Stealer', 'Picture of Evil', and a dozen and a half more! Featuring a focus on the work of top art legends ... [more]
Crypt of Horror features 140 pages of the best classic comic book horror of the Pre-Code era of the 1950's, including stories like 'Corpses From the Sea,' 'The Hungry Ghoul,' ' The Clinging Corpse,' 'The Deadly Doll of Horror,' and more. Art by Powell, Meskin, Ayers, Charles Quinlan, Bill Everett, a... [more]
Another eclectic collection of horror comics from the genre's heyday, the 1950's! Thrill to twisted, terrifying tales like 'Witches' Wrath,' 'Haunted Mirror,' 'Death On Ice,' 'Fear Has A Name,' and many more! With art by Kirby, Ditko, Powell, Williamson, Jerry Grandenetti, Joe Maneely, and Harry L... [more]
More lurid Pre-Code horror, here spotlighting Quality Comics' Web of Horror title! Stories include 'Hangman's Horror,' 'Ghost Ship,' 'Revenge,' 'The Bat and the Brain,' 'Avenging Ghosts,' 'The Girl Who Died Twice,' 'Dead Man's Lode,' 'Artist of Evil,' and ten others! Artists include Cole, Kirby, Pow... [more]
Weird horror from long-defunct publishers Quality, Sterling, Standard and others not seen since the Pre-Code 1950's - 23 full stories including 'The Lost Souls,' 'Buried Alive,' 'The Face From Hell,' 'They Wait Below,' 'The Grave Robbers,' 'The Spectral Sister,' and 16 others! Art by Powell, ... [more]
Scares and suspense with Pre-Code horror comics of the 1950's, focusing on top artists including Krigstein, Ayers, Disbrow, Colan, Sinnott and Certa! Twenty-six full stories from publishers like Prize, Ace and others! Stories include 'Bride of Doom,' 'Island of Horror,' 'When Your Number Is Up,' ... [more]
By popular demand, another 'offbeat horror' special, full of more rare reprints from Fawcett, St. John, Superior, Avon, Ajax, and other forgotten publishers from the 1950s, featuring stories like 'Death By Invitation,' 'Demons of the Deep,' 'The Thirteenth Clown,' 'Haunting White Shadow,' 'Death'... [more]
Rare and strange Pre-Code horror from publishers including Ace, Fawcett, Superior, Charlton and others! Grisly stories including 'Stand-in For Death,' 'Aged Curse,' 'Phantom Gloves,' 'Chant of the Dead,' 'Manhunt,' 'Trial By Ghostlight,' 'Shadow and Substance,' and 14 others not seen anywhere... [more]
More great 1950's horror reprints! 24 full never before reprinted Precode scare stories! Special focus on Fawcett's This Magazine Is Haunted; The Purple Claw, former EC greats, and the macabre art of Steve Ditko! Other artists include George Evans, Sheldon Moldoff, Jack Davis, Joe Orlando, Ge... [more]
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