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"First issue of Grant Morrison's famous remake of the X-Men. ""E is for Extinction"" #1 of 3. Humankind's time on Earth is nearly at its end. Within a half decade, they will be extinct, replaced by their genetically gifted cousins: mutants! With this discove"... [more]
"""Germ Free Generation"" Part 1 of 2! Rising human infertility rates. Mutant births on the increase. And a genetic code that programs the human race to self-destruct within a few generations. These are the secrets exposed in the ""Extinction Dossier"", the final research of Moira MacTaggert! Now, m... [more]
"The U-Men launch their assault on the Xavier Institute where only Jean Grey remains to protect the school's innocent students! Meanwhile, Cyclops and the White Queen confront John Sublime from the comfort of vivisection tables! And, amid this crisis, the the new Angel arrives!"... [more]
His face is hidden behind an iron mask. His brain is a star. His power is incalculable. He's Xorn -- the strangest X-Man ever! Who is he... how does he relate to the world... and what does he hope to gain by joining the X-Men?... [more]
... [more]
"One year after 9/11, the X-Men confront their own great loss! 12 months after tragedy, Professor X and Storm return to Genosha -- the island of mutants obliterated by Cassandra Nova -- and discover that everything is not as it seems!"... [more]
Riot at Xavier's Part 2 of 4. What happens when the students take over the school? The eternal showdown of youth vs. experience explodes at Xavier's Institute! Who lives? Who dies? Who betrays whom?... [more]
"Riot at Xavier's Part 4 of 4. The conclusion to the storyline that will change the course of the Xavier Institute forever. What lasting repercussions will the ""Riot"" have on Professor Xavier and his students? "... [more]
"""Murder at the Mansion"" Part 1 of 3. Bishop and Sage from the X-Treme X-Men guest star! Does an X-Man die? Will they be able to find the killer? "... [more]
"""Murder at the Mansion"" Part 3 of 3. Bishop and Sage find the murderer! But what will his or her identity mean to the Xavier Institute? "... [more]
"""Assault of Weapon Plus"" Part 2 of 4. Wolverine, Cyclops and Fantomex travel from one side of the globe to the other and beyond in search of answers to Wolverine's mysterious past! What will they find? And who or what is ""The World""? "... [more]
"""Assault on Weapon Plus"" Part 3 of 4. Wolverine, Cyclops and Fantomex continue their mission in search of clues to Wolverine's mysterious past! "... [more]
"""Planet X"" Part 2 of 5. The young mutant known as Dust runs rampant at the Xavier Institute as Xorn and his remedial class assist Professor X in his efforts to calm her. Plus, the aftermath of Wolverine and Cyclops' adventure to Weapon Plus! "... [more]
"""Planet X"" Part 3 of 5. The shocking mystery threat revealed in issue #146 continues to take its toll upon Professor Xavier and the X-Men. With the team broken and disbanded, are their chances for survival dwindling?"... [more]
"""Planet X"" Part 4 of 5. The penultimate chapter in Grant Morrison's most ambitious story arc to date...Professor Xavier and his X-Men make their final stand against their most powerful foe!"... [more]
"""Planet X"" Part 5 of 5. Professor X and his X-Men make their final stand against MAGNETO, who was hiding under their noses disguised as team member XORN for months. And an X-Man dies in the showdown!"... [more]
... [more]
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