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He is called Massacre, and he brings death. What does the soldier in service of Batman Incorporated do when he's met his match? When he's been brought so low and been wounded so badly? What does he do when lost Super Heroes begin turning up as victims? Batwing fights back!... [more]
Massacre's crusade of blood continues, and the only one standing in his way is Batwing, who finds himself fighting alongside a legendary hero of Africa: the mighty Thunder Fall! As more heroes are targeted by this madman, the mystery of why begins to unfold, as does the story of Batwing's dark past.... [more]
Batwing comes to Gotham City! Batwing and Batman race back to the city hoping to stop the killer Massacre from assassinating the last two members of Africa's lost super-team, The Kingdom! Meanwhile, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin are already on the ground leading the search. Plus: The dark past of th... [more]
Batwing vs. Massacre! The culmination of Massacre's rampage and destruction of Africa's first team of heroes, The Kingdom! The battle between Batwing and Massacre crashes Gotham City as Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing join the fight in a massive, action-packed rumble you won't want to miss! And... [more]
NIGHT OF THE OWLS' continues here! BATWING arrives in Gotham City just in time to fight the chaos the Court of Owls has unleashed! Outgunned and on unfamiliar turf, can Batwing survive?... [more]
BATWING fights pirates known as THE JACKALS as they attempt to smuggle a mysterious cargo. BATMAN'S investigation leads him to China to face an unexpected member of his ROGUES GALLERY! Guest-starring BATMAN!... [more]
BATWING faces off against the deadly Beijing gangster dragon known as LONG! Guest-starring NIGHTWING! Introducing LORD BATTLE and BLOODSTORM! BATWING'S armor is equipped with a new array of Bat-gadgets!... [more]
The secrets of mad dictator LORD BATTLE revealed! • NIGHTWING in action in Africa! • Plus: JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL vs. BLOODSTORM!... [more]
Batwing vs. Father Lost and his cult of death! • He's the new villain introduced in this issue - so who are the two new heroes you'll meet? Find out here!... [more]
Batwing will need all the help he can get to take down a death cult led by Father Lost!... [more]
Batwing and Dawn battle Father Lost in the streets of Tinasha! • Father Lost's new powers are proving too much for Batwing and his new ally…time for a last ditch effort that might just get them both killed!... [more]
David refuses one bribe too many, and now the police have issued a hit on him! • It's Batwing vs. the correct police force of Tinasha! • Can Batwing save his alter ego and the innocents who may be caught in the crossfire?... [more]
BATWING: ENEMY OF THE STATE' continues! • Batwing learns the hard way that you can't bring justice to a country that doesn't want it! • Plus: Batwing battles the Sky Pirate!... [more]
Batwing's haven headquarters is in ruins, and his armor has been destroyed! • MATU is dead!... [more]
Caught in the jaws of Lion-Mane-who is the NEW Batwing?... [more]
Batwing returns to Gotham City, unaware that his actions in Africa have set in motion a dangerous plan of retaliation that will not only target him personally but also Wayne Enterprises! Plus: An attempt to reconcile with his father is interrupted by the arrival of the mercenary swarm of the Marabun... [more]
Luke Fox's personal life is already in turmoil, but as Batwing he must confront a dangerous new threat in the form of assassin for hire Lady Vic as she makes her first appearance in The New 52!... [more]
At Batman's direction Luke Fox takes off for Italy to compete in a Mixed Martial Arts tournament. He's about to come face to face with Lady Vic and Charlie Caligula, so let's hope he brought his newly modified Batwing armor!... [more]
A BATMAN: ZERO YEAR tie-in! As Gotham City descends into chaos, young Luke Fox is the only one who can stop one of his classmates from causing more destruction - but he didn't count on his friend being so… VENOMOUS!... [more]
Luke's journey to Italy gets him deeper into the criminal underworld - unfortunately for him, that means fighting superpowered villains in a death tournament where he can't use the Batwing armor!... [more]
A 'GOTHTOPIA' tie-in! Luke Fox has never been happier in his life. He's tearing up Gotham City as its protector, and his father, Lucius, couldn't be prouder of him. How did THAT happen?... [more]
Welcome to Gothtopia! Die happy! A blast from Batwing's past is back to menace him!... [more]
Gotham City has been invaded by an army of criminals sent from the Gotham Underground! Batwing must defend his home and live through his first meeting with his most dangerous foe yet: Menace!... [more]
Batwing races Menace to attempt to save his family! But the Gotham Underground is about to boil over with anarchy, and no matter which tribe rises up from below Gotham City, Batwing will be the first target!... [more]
Batwing faces his most dangerous mission yet - traveling straight into the madness that is The Gotham Underground to put an end to those behind The Uprising! Will Batman, Incorporated be in the market for a new Batwing? Or is our hero ready to prove himself once and for all?... [more]
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