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Your Price $42.49 You save $7.50 (15%)
Regular Price $49.99
A lost masterpiece by cult artist Bob Powell! This deluxe hardcover collects early fifties Thun'Da and Cave Girl stories, featuring campy and sexy 'jungle girl' genre material at its leopard-skinned finest! Mark Schultz (Xenozoic Tales) provides an introduction. Includes an essay by Ei... [more]
Your Price $42.49 You save $7.50 (15%)
Regular Price $49.99
Finally collected in a deluxe hardcover: the complete adventures of Jet Powers, hero of the cult sci-fi comics by legendary artist Bob Powell in which the 'Captain of Science' battles the diabolical Mr. Sinn. Collects stories from Jet Powers #1-#4 and The American Air Forces. In... [more]
Weird horror from long-defunct publishers Quality, Sterling, Standard and others not seen since the Pre-Code 1950's - 23 full stories including 'The Lost Souls,' 'Buried Alive,' 'The Face From Hell,' 'They Wait Below,' 'The Grave Robbers,' 'The Spectral Sister,' and 16 others! Art by Powell, ... [more]
Rare and strange Pre-Code horror from publishers including Ace, Fawcett, Superior, Charlton and others! Grisly stories including 'Stand-in For Death,' 'Aged Curse,' 'Phantom Gloves,' 'Chant of the Dead,' 'Manhunt,' 'Trial By Ghostlight,' 'Shadow and Substance,' and 14 others not seen anywhere... [more]
25 full Pre-Code horror stories from 1950's publishers Gilmore, Superior, Prize, Ace, Fiction House, Charlton and others, including 'It's Alive!', 'The Cosmic Brain,' 'Gallows In The Sky,' 'The Hangman's Noose,' and 18 others. Art by Powell, Crandall, Wolverton, Krigstein, Fox, Meskin, Stallm... [more]
One-hundred sixty big pages of Pre-Code horror stories from the 1950's, 33 stories in all, including classics 'Wrath of Ra-Amun,' 'Devil's Island,' 'The Monster,' 'Missing-One Head,' 'The Lake That Lived,' 'The Threat From Beyond,' 'The Sargasso Spectre,' and more. Artists include Powell, Krigstein... [more]
Your Price $16.49 You save $8.50 (34%)
Regular Price $24.99
Because you asked for it, here comes the second volume of nightmarish yarns culled from the pages of Harvey's flagship, Chamber of Chills presented for your warped delectation in a run of sumptuous softcovers, each volume containing five comics but without the support material featured in the hardba... [more]
Your Price $21.24 You save $3.75 (15%)
Regular Price $24.99
In this bizarre, lawless, ghoulish, gruesome, terrifying frightfest of a book you'll read: 'Candles for the Undead,' 'The Monster's Ghost,' 'Pray for the Vampire Horde,' 'The Witches Come at Midnight,' 'Your Head for Mine' and many more mind-rotting comics!... [more]
Another collection of rarely-seen classic Golden Age superheroes in superb full-story reprints! This historic volume includes: Spy Smasher, Commando Yank, War Nurse, Dollman, Spirit of '76, Blackout, Green Mask, Captain Freedom, Shock Gibson, Phantasmo, Dr. Voodoo, Master Mystic, Neon the Unknown, H... [more]
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"A great mixed-bag selection of never-previously-reprinted 1940's superhero stories starring Miss Masque, Black Terror, Red Blazer, Spirit of '76, Fearless Flint, Shock Gibson, Mr. Scarlet, Red Rocket, Commando Yank, Phantom Eagle and a half-dozen others, including MOM first-timers Mr. Lucifer and t... [more]
Quality Heroes and Friends issue starring Dollman, Quicksilver, Human Bomb, Manhunter, Captain Triumph, and Kid Eternity, plus Mr. Scarlet, Commando Yank, Man In Black, Captain Midnight, Shock Gibson, and Girl Commandos, with MOM first-timers Destiny, Fox's Birdman, and Space Ace! All in never-previ... [more]
Never miss an issue of Men Of Mystery
If you love your comics weird, then Weird Love is the perfect comic for you! This issue starts with the cover story by Bob Powell, 'To Love A Cheat.' There are many more sordid stories this ish, but you demanded that we present another pinko-commie-cold war-comic so read it and weep: <... [more]
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