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Rex and Bobo race against time to save a group of Biodome scientists from a pair of out-of-control EVOs!... [more]
Rex and Bobo's roughhousing leads to a an accident in Doc Holiday's lab, temporarily turning Rex into the mechanically-monstrous EVO he was never meant to be! Does Bobo have what it takes to change his friend back, or will Six have to ground them both forever?... [more]
When Rex thinks he's too far from normal teen experiences, Noah invites Rex to the beach for a grunion run with a bunch of other teens. Unfortunately, this year's crop of grunion includes evo grunion - and they drag their victims out to sea! ... [more]
It's true: Rex is the unluckiest monster magnet alive. So what happens when his night at the movies with Noah and a couple of cute girls is interrupted by a rampaging EVO? You guessed it: Destruction, screaming people and insanity!... [more]
While having a bad dream, Van Kleiss unknowingly creates an evil duplicate of Rex from the soil of Abysus. Now forced to fight this nanite-hungry creation, will he and The Pack have what it takes to stop the Replicant, or will the real Rex be forced to clean up this mess for him - smackhands style?... [more]
Desperate for help with last-minute holiday shopping, Rex heads to the mall with a caffeine-deprived Dr. Holiday. Is doing a little shopping and flirting with cute girls too much to ask? Maybe you should ask the ginormous EVO.... [more]
Bobo's favorite fez is destroyed during a battle with a rampaging EVO and he insists on taking Rex to get a replacement. One problem, though...The only hat shop he trusts is all the way in Morocco and it's under siege by a vicious local gang of EVOs. Are fezzes cool enough to be worth all this troub... [more]
All-ages tales from SUPERMAN ADVENTURES #16, 19, 22 and 23. The Man of Steel faces Mr. Mxyzptlk, Brainiac and Livewire, and plays bodyguard to the president of the United States.... [more]
The official magazine of Cartoon Network's DC NATION! Featuring three awesome comics stories! Plus: Behind the scenes sneak-peeks at your favorite DC NATION cartoons!... [more]
The all-ages adventure begins in this issue that sets the stage for the upcoming monthly series! Green is the color of will power, and one of the most powerful lights in the universe. The Guardians have harnessed this power to create an intergalactic police force wielding green power rings. What hap... [more]
It's the first issue of the monthly series inspired by the new Cartoon Network series! Hal Jordan faces his greatest challenge onboard the Interceptor when he faces off against a captured Red Lantern and his own mentor, Kilowog! Has their trip to the outer reaches of Guardian space driven Kilowog ma... [more]
Hal Jordan and Kilowog patrol the limits of the galaxy in their 'borrowed' Green Lantern ship! Has Hal learned the lessons Kilowog's been teaching him? We'll find out as they run into an old foe: the Invisible Destroyer!... [more]
HAL JORDAN and KILOWOG find adventure on a new planet! RAZER is almost kidnapped by a SPIDER GUILD bounty hunter! AYA, the ship's computer, takes her new robot body for a spin!... [more]
A member of the INTERCEPTOR crew is injured! Can AYA heal the damage? What is the shocking secret of the TATTOOED MAN?... [more]
HAL JORDAN and company fight in the MONSTER ARENA! Can Malvir become a RED LANTERN by capturing Hal Jordan? Aya and Hal cook up a plan to end Malvir's tyranny!... [more]
The Red Lanterns attack - and only HAL JORDAN responds! Where are Hal's fellow GREEN LANTERNS? Have they been defeated in some distant battle? You'll have to read this issue to learn the truth!... [more]
Zilius Zox wants to impress Atrocitus. His fiendish plan sends a new villain to the Interceptor! Will Hal save the day? Or will Razer?!... [more]
Bugs Bunny makes a wrong turn at Albuquerque and winds up in the middle of a baseball game instead of Palm Springs. Can he reach home base in time to enjoy his vacation?... [more]
Never miss an issue of Looney Tunes Vol 3
Superman's closest allies take the stage like you have never seen before, from the Eisner Award-winning team of Art Baltazar and Franco (TINY TITANS)! Don't miss the action-packed, history-making, supe radventure awesomeness!! Classic Superman elements reinterpreted for all ages with the humor tha... [more]
SUPERMAN trains his young sidekicks to become Super Heroes! BIZARRO comes to Earth and makes a mess of METROPOLIS! JIMMY OLSEN finds out that being Superman's pal means help is only a SHOUT away!... [more]
What is JIMMY OLSEN'S SUPERGIRL THEORY? The sky is filled with SUPER-PETS! What's up with Jimmy's wristwatch? How does that thing work? Oh yeah, there's also an appearance by SUPERMAN!... [more]
The City of Metropolis runs into Monkey Mayhem when Beppo's friend goes crazy! Meet the gigantically giant, ginormously angry ape TITANO! Can the Super Family make things right? What's Kryptonite have to do with this? And where the heck is the Chief's coffee?... [more]
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